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Coffee, Please

Coffee Shop

summer brew smells and delights for everyone to taste

we all arrived at different times all wanting the same ideal

perhaps a latte, summer cooler, smoothie, I will preference

a hot black coffee


we are your neighbor, business woman, lunch breaker, visitor,

we will talk about  a lot of the same things all day long

everyone repeating themselves, imagining their unique

take on virtual reality, that world we all stroll through

brought to attention with the sweet aroma

of dark roast, medium brew, chocolate, or perhaps


(seems almost sacrilegious)

little does it matter though once the dialogue begins,

once the wardrobes arrive,

once all of the interactions teeming to notice one another

settle into the comfy chairs and the hardback postures.

I like to imagine people’s lives while sipping my coffee


no cream please, leave the sugar out, I think it is a healthy dose

of fresh-brewed


always please remember

to tip the barrister.

I Can See


Which one are you in the midst of time,

a clever rendezvous in life’s sweet climb.


Perhaps you held the key to love all along

the rest being shelled, wanting to belong.


I watched a moment twenty years ago today

that’s what you meant, acting in that plaintive way.


If we could choose, a certainty in our attitude

I’d bet we’d lose, our need to attack Beatitudes.


Inside this active room, I might notice things,

a flair to be just whom, all while the pendulum swings.


That couple speaking sweet, then who we were

playing only to the beat, of saying, we were here.


Over in the corner, near the exit door,

sits an old reminder, of just what’s in store.


In the back room earnest, they design their moments

fresh in mind they cannot rest, when wined in their torments.


The conversations about, are all the same to me,

there is the devout, and over there the wannabe.


The setting the same, we might all remain

caught in a new game, similarly lost in gain.


While we watch each other, grow and blossom anew

we might still remember, or at least I will, of you.





Let’s start with an average day

sunglasses, scarves, sweatshirts, scenery

books, and newsprint, magazines and thick look.

Well, kindles and IPADS, laptops – usually new


huge minis, air, and Androids

with no invasive notions happening today

unless you sit nearby,

then perhaps you get the look.


always black,

say it freely and without reservation.

I like my java

black as night,

black as the strongest memory of a nightmare last night,

black as that guy over …

unless you sit nearby.

Moments that leave a bitter taste.


When you think about it,

we all join the movement.

What if we sat down,

without the quiet corner

wicker chairs pulled together,

whispers behind the bricks

when we then might share one another?

Just for today.


Could bring us altogether, a new journey

calling out our souls

choosing opportunities to ignite

chance fires of interaction worth desire,

unless you sit nearby …

You might actually overstep boundaries.


Would you like a little room?

Make it light please,

a shot of mocha,

my favorite blend

a depth charge too, please

To help my day with a jump-start,

Unless you sit nearby …

Then I might have to converse with you,



Don’t let me die in a sidewalk café (inspired by an elder gent sleeping away)


When the sun begins to set if you see me

Slumped over and holding onto my knees

While the world continues to pursue real

Life situations that matter to them today


Don’t let me die in a sidewalk café

The embarrassment of caffeine on

My blue jeans while everyone stared

Would be too much for me to say


I would rather be remembered for being alive

With a passion and verve for calling out love

Playing the gentleman that aspires to hold

Court with the beautiful people every day


Don’t let me die in a sidewalk café

The embarrassment of caffeine on

My blue jeans while everyone stared

Would be too much for me to say


If I may please allow me to take a few gasps

While I nap for a time and enjoy the view

Let me feel the splendor, the beauty, the grace

Of elegance that plays my eyes in every way


Don’t let me die in a sidewalk café

The embarrassment of caffeine on

My blue jeans while everyone stared

Would be too much for me to say


Let me thrive in the quiet slumber of today

When everyone has smiles and dialogue

To share their stories, their ambivalence

Holding onto the common pour of the day


Don’t let me die in a sidewalk café

The embarrassment of caffeine on

My blue jeans while everyone stared

Might be a story I might share one day

Occasional Walls


Have you experienced this story?

When whimsical words might convey

A notion of dialogue

Yarns of personal response

She said to her friend

While sipping coffee at the local café

She was quietly adamant

Yet that earshot was apparent

Talking of a secret reality

We all seem to carry

In different unmarked bags

Gathering mostly around our eyes

Showing signs

Fatigue and worn smiles

Expressive and telling

She smiled again and again

As her listening ears would not

Depart yet affirm her own response

To the daily ordeal

Of living in a life

That contains a great deal

Bartering for oxygen

An energy that travels

The universe, at least, that circumstance

Seems probably for everyone

To experience in a sidewalk cafe

Morning coffee

I wake quiet

feeling the sunlight

watching windows where

hours earlier – reflect my inner soul.

a coffee is near by

emanating a deep roast

as morning begins to take shape

thoughts returning

while mystique’s slumber slips away

task upon task upon

how might I respond today

and for a moment

I glance into the light

safe warm rays to guide me

step out of my mind into the Radiance

and for a moment

my worries sway

a new energy awaits my mind

while the world begins its unwind.