These are the people I remember

I listen to a certain melody to bring me somewhere,

need to step out of where I am,

perhaps an escape,

one might call it a sojourn,

only works when I can find my right rhythm,

my beat, my way of departing from my real place,

into that world of imagination.

I use music to get me there,

but it can take a lot of hours,

just like the many days that have passed,

those that I recall when the words and tones of music

help me return to that place,

cold or bitter with the pain of my reality,

I can still find myself there.

I listen to music to bring me home again,

to that place we’re only supposed to go when we are ready to be there,

I suppose it is like a journey to another time,

that imagined pedestal too high to climb.

I have my music as a sort of blanket,

that one to suffice when emotions raw I can’t handle any outcomes

on my own.

I need your music to bring me there, again.

Old Songs

Old lyrics, old words, same outcome,

I could listen to Janis Ian all night long,

talk about being ‘seventeen’ growing up,

she brings tears to my eyes,

I can’t exactly tell you why,

perhaps it is a memory,

maybe nostalgic,

there are so many lives I’d wish to live again,

and music,

like Carly Simon talking about marriage,

I seem to feel there was something there,

something I always yearned for.

Now years later,

I still delight in the search,

the finding of meaning,

that is what we all seem to need,

from time to time,

I can recall,

there was a special time,

when I felt like things were,

just alright,

you and I,

laying on your couch and skipping school,

we were being adults then,

I was playing with love.

I wouldn’t guess I could go back,

find it, find that, place, find you,

I wouldn’t find the same moments again,

I’d only stand in the room, trying to reenact the energy,

because that truly was the mystique,

the energy we shared together,

to create our optimism … our love.

So tonight I’m listening to old songs,

I do that when I’m feeling sad,

actually, even as a happy man,

a good melody …

Joni, Joan, Judy,

well, they all seem to grab at my heart –

strings …