The Autumn Winds

I stood outside today,

the wheat fields were my gentle sway,

there was hard rain fell all morning,

and I figured it to be tears for our mourning.


I imagined a corn field in the midwest,

where a little boy has been laid to rest,

not with tender desire,

more the actions of a liar.


I have periodic crying spells

when my heart in the silence of my home swells,

I think of all the children

lost in the chaotic evil of this cauldron.


This morning I chose to return to the fields,

to feel the breeze sway the crops, the august yields,

I was thankful in the most horrific manner,

to know such a beautiful young boy did matter.


In the horror of Satan’s grasp upon our soul,

there is this field, in Jacob’s life, his spirit whole.

Words to Jacob


I’ve waited for this day, with no eager anticipation,

I remember the way, I first discovered you, realized

the news would be all about you,

I wondered what it would be like to lose someone,

to not have any idea, and only be left with pain,

the loss that seemed forever in a day,

in weeks, in months, in annual memorials,


in years I wondered where you were knowing you were

probably there the entire time …


I’ve watched children grow and reach their dreams,

I used to criticize your mom,

and felt guilty about it all the time,

how could I possibly ever imagine the fear and anxiety,

the monster left with her,


She created so much to protect you

and all the lives that followed your same path,

had a light of hope to wish for, maybe dream a little bit,

recognize there is a greater value than wanting what we cannot have.


This morning I heard the news, and felt a tear,

we’ve all waited so many years for this little boy we never knew,

yet a young man who touched so many hearts,

deserves a happy ending,

I guess that means we can rest knowing you haven’t suffered

these last 27 years.

Maybe you have, and that’s part of the life we’ll never know.

We do know this though, the monster’s been found,

he’ll hurt no one else.


We left our lights on tonight, and this time,

it became real.



to Jacob Wetterling – September 3rd, 2016 – may he rest in peace