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Asked in Public

I was asked the other day

an age old question,

I was told always in my life

to know the answer,

I was instructed

solutions cannot result

in a salacious notion

toward personal upheaval

instead our words, our look,

our desire, that verve we live by,

an energy we spread around

outside our bubble,

you know the space,

don’t lie to me about it,

it is a coveted shelter from

the pain, always

nearby looming,

waiting for an opportunity,

to feed the current


I was noticed one day,

and she smiled.

Stepping Outside

A picture speaks a truth.


I danced alone happy,

the first time I could.


A conversation

a put down

a clarity of purpose

a scant reminder


A why do we do this

sort of thing


that allows our lives

to become enthralled

by the ones that do.


A reckoning

when time slows

enough to wonder

about how simple

a decision

might be well after


inherent trepidation.


A summer night

stars are out,

a full moon waning

sheds a sorrowful tear

on a quiet reality,

while we all enter

a continuum

that part of our lives

we could never …

but we did.


Another time

we revisit in hope

we might settle

a difference that

when recalled

did help us focus

on why we

hate reminders


Would we ever

again be able,

could we possibly


just how far

we did stray.


A friend once said

they wished the world

could get along

without a fight.


We yelled each other’s name,

never did we speak again.


We didn’t try to look outside.

Beauty is Love

picture found on 'poem a day'
picture found on ‘poem a day’


We try to define our concept of beauty

in glamour and complement, rich in hue

yet wild while indecisive fear give plenty

to insecurity we are left feeling only the blue


We pattern our actions to design a facade

masks that some would protest to be real

when examined difficult arguments we’d laud

this is our truth yes, we have no shame to steal


Walk alongside one another on a sun streaked

morning to realize we all glance quite the same way

no matter our exterior coats we have so tweaked

all contain swift reality we all cherish with our day


stand close now to glance together the sky above

delight, cherish, explore sweet landscapes in love