Insidious Acts

While you were dozing
In a wide awake stare
Life continued to progress
And steps that descended
Deep into certain dark alleys
Display a mindful mystique
While you were supposing
Your actions added up
To recognizing very little
Beyond the concrete your shoes
Landed upon so firmly
From another angle
Notice the leaves on nearby trees
Bending to a heavy wind
Maintaining their grasp
Look more closely
To see the quiet release
At first dancing with the breeze
Seeming to rise
When the air draws away
And a leaf drifts
Aimlessly until it lands
Waiting to evolve
That is the disconnect
We all struggle to define
When left alone
To figure out a new path
Our ego steps in without
When the mind begins
To race slowly to the next level
The human condition
The human being stalls
For lack of thoughtful
Self-driven confidence
The flounder begins
And questions always remain
We respond to insidious acts then defined
Futility’s disconnect; strength, the human mind