If, Again


once we

were partners

though shadowed

intimate decisions

drove us apart, our lives

seemingly drawn

in more necessary direction,

would it be possible

to find purpose

in knowing …




the world

were able to

walk in the shoes

of those they despise

would it be possible then

for each of our lives

to become valid

to such a


we might understand





the world

were a perfect sphere

and all the polar opposites

began to better listen and hear

each other rather than negate

their contributions,

could we maybe





If when

the sun were to set

we might all still look inside

each other’s lives could

we finally recognize

the similariites

and love



If … again


Follow Rocks

© Dani Stites

© Dani Stites

I would walk barefoot as a child,

seeking something over there,

something unique on the other end,

didn’t matter the moisture,

stepping into creek waters,

slipping and skinning a knee,

while searching for that

something unique on the other end.

recall the glorious spring sunshine,

bouncing reflective waves in soils

driven by Nature’s progressive trail,

I would walk barefoot on the rocks

if I could remember today

what that unique something was,

in the creek bed on the other side.

I wonder if when I wear shoes,

if then, I lose the opportunity,

that Her grasp allows my skin to feel,

when walking towards that final reveal.