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A White Man’s Struggle

I spoke of this in my classroom today,

it didn’t make sense,

I still haven’t figured out a way,

to not seem utterly dense.

I’m a White man trying to be understanding,

yet every time I try

I end up again, landing

square upon my own ignorance and cry.

I’m a White man rocked with privilege,

and I still manage to find a way

to put myself out on a ledge,

bringing attention to my own self-righteous dismay.

It’s Black History Month,

a friend of mine posted this recently

suggested it is the shortest month

of the year, well he said it decently.

I have felt a lot of pause, trying to find the right word,

not to sound correct, but to clearly feel ok.

My Muslim Friends

I’m crying tonight

I don’t want to be a part of this

the confusion is an ignorance I didn’t plan upon,

I wish not to look in your eyes and feel your pain,

I hope for love, that smile of beauty,

the caress of humanity suggest we are a beautiful people together,

not apart, not ostracized, without scrutiny.

When we live together, we breathe together,

we might know difference, yet without tolerance,

without some aspect of love,

remember that peace,

that love piece we seem to let go of when we allow ignorance

to pretend to care.

I want to have compassion, I want to laugh,

I want to hold the hand of my friend,

I want to walk the earth with a sense of freedom

I want to be shunned only by the shunners,

let them create their own solemn hypocrisy,

together we will be free.

We are people who believe in one thing when all else is put aside,

we do know love,

we love


My World A Ruthless Shame

I grew up with certain freedoms,

Though I was never really told,

I only understood a world of fiefdoms

From books I read. I wasn’t bold.


My dreams were made with managed

Challenge, the bounty being compassion

Beyond a society of greed is the adage

Spoke a loud in a personal fashion.


The limits began when in later life

What we discovered together in name

Became the seedling of confusion’s strife

The sort leaves my eyes seeing shame.


We are a world driven by our insanity

If we believe this our lovely reality.

“The World is Watching”

Tradition suggests acknowledge ourselves

In scheme, our spiritual karma wanes,

Like to believe that humanity delves

Where love in peace speaks hopeful gains.


Wild abandon ills principled decline

In our children’s eyes we extinguish fire,

That reckoning once spoke roses and whine

Today, private anguish will less inspire.


Young minds of tomorrow whose direction

We ask to maintain, we demand they thrive

While daily shattered streams are solution.

Sweet anxiety, media minds strive.


In a world, in a place, in a vacuum

Pretense is doomed if we choose to presume.

I Tried

I tried to understand,

while waves of despair

enveloped my mind,

tossing me, slapping me,

a ruthless affair.


My hands were locked

inside a pattern

everyone else excluded

me from knowledge,

that reality of pain.


When on occasion,

a happier time,

we could reflect upon

the insanity …

well such is rare.


From there in a day

the skies darkened,

a choking atmosphere,

when finally the burst,

pressure rattling walls.


Tears where I land

a thoughtful retrospect

when incarceration of

the mind …

becomes now eloquent.


Yet still a reminder

a constant twirl

insidious in nature

is the contempt …

a lack of dialogue.


So while the sun rose,

seasons created mood,

a warm reminder while

life shapes today …

speaks aloud contempt.


I tried to understand

just how deep my passion

for self destruction might

lend a future …

I suppose I might try again.

Lacking Skin


I draw little attention to who I am

based solely upon a certain gem

some would call the bane of life

yet I might think of none of them.


I walk in a department store alone

gather little if any attention shown

I could probably open the register

take a dollar bill and dial the phone


While standing nearby noticed you

I couldn’t help but think of the blue

vibrance in sky that dreams peace

stillness occurs to recognize few


We thrive in a world of confusion

a constance bold without solution

little concern merits our evolution

little concern, we await revolution


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Angry, Now!

I want to ,

I sort of need to,

I certainly wish to,

If I could only suggest,

I wonder if anyone might,

I really have this immediate desire,

how can I explain truly how upset I feel

about our society and its ability to hide

behind our own lethal ignorance.

“I don’t believe in white privilege” … because it doesn’t exist,

“just overstating the obvious.”

Oh, dear Lord, I want to scream,

but I don’t know where I may lay down my echoes,

for I really do want to understand

how our society,

our ‘American’ society,

how anyone, anywhere, can really imagine we are all the same,

together, fighting for the same principles,

when so many of us,

such a mass of intolerance,

hide behind our own fear.

I want to understand, I really do,

I want to feel like I can be comfortable

around anyone, yet, at this moment,

I am more afraid of you … society,

than that fear I’ve felt around my greatest nemesis.

At least they didn’t play games,

they knew they wished harm upon me.

They, them, those people would disagree.

My nemesis could really care less,

what i think about them because they are,

brutally honest.

On the other hand, ‘they’ keep themselves

well sheltered from the rest of the world.

That’s it right? That sort of

out of sight, out of mind mentality.

We are all suspect of being human,

– compassion, love, feeling –

just a matter of how we decide to act

in front of each other that determines,

really, how truly genuine we are.

How elegant may humility become

when faced with the reality of our own


Forget Me Next Time

Please your time is wasted

wonder about someone else

pity the wise who stay away

to recognize the value of no result


We speak to no one if we suggest

anyone at all can really matter.

Last week he was beaten to death

and we looked away

so that conversation would

never occur anymore.

Nevermore, Nevermore, Nevermore

there is a beauty in an oxymoron

especially when it reveals the …

Today we speak of Ebola

lest we forget what our greater

values might become if we focus

on feeding the hungry

and clothing the homeless

and saving the children …

ah, it always falls back on that.

Forget me again, so the next time …

Our Lives Mirrored



We all have lives,

this cannot be argued

no matter the girth or the slight

however, the notoriety or discretion,

each idiosyncratic measure of

who we are

can only be truly defined



But, you knew that already,

that’s why last night downtown with the boys,

you made an ass of yourself,

went up to her and told her you thought,

she was a slut,

because just minutes later

you wagered with your inebriations

that you could score with the rudest commentary.

Why she smiled,

it turned you on,

you glanced back at your problems

hinting a forward motion.

When you looked back in her eyes,

her delight just made you swoon,

forgetting about that initial commentary

now recognizing she really is pure elegance…


Damned if she didn’t give you her number,

even I sitting nearby was disturbed by that.

You walked away smug,

she joined her girlfriend and you physically disappeared in her mind,

even though you could still see she was

maintaining her sort of human condition in the crowd.

The boys, the posse, the conquest moved

to the other tavern

where the sure thing had been told.

you crammed the napkin with her number in your tight jeans,

and forgot about her for the rest of the night,

because along came Jenni, Sarah, Michelle, and anon …


Laundry day,

sorting out pockets

where when unfolding the napkin,

Jill’s name appeared in a scrawl.

It took you a minute or two to recall

who she was.

Who she was.

Who she really was!

Then you dialed the number

to reach a disconnection,

blew her off and called her a ‘bitch’

for giving you the wrong number.


A few days later,

while stepping off the train

to go to work,

your normal morning routine,

there was a delay,

a procession of sorts,

they were all sort of familiar,

each wearing the same veils,

another typical gathering that occurred

nearby your building, in that park,

where families grieved,

never any reason to bear notice.

Though today

you wanted to glance further,

there was a familiar elegance,

that couldn’t really be defined,

some energy, that asked you,

refine your arrogance

just this one time.


Turns out she did give you the wrong number

a purposeful gesture for a woman protecting herself

from the constant barrage of harassment,

yet tonight when she went home,

she couldn’t get the word out of her head,

too mindful of four years earlier in college,

when the hot breath of that stranger

impelled her world forever,

leaving her cold and barren,

she knew tonight with your clarity,

she could never really let go.


Today there appeared so much love in that gathering.

Political Society

The neighbor lady down the street from her

speaks well around election time for sure.

She won’t question her on another day

but the news rather steered her views that way.

Seems the economics of the times call

for unity, with time, before we all fall

inside the cavern; unraveling hope,

the scourge limit our President’s true scope.

Where did our dignity decide to run

while we each day survive inside the sun.

Each one of us another part of life

then how could we all come upon this strife?

There’s a man out there whose ideals are real

Yet she’s convinced his hands are off the wheel.