A Dark Day

I’m walking in sunlight,

crisp winter morning shadows in ice,

the common vapor of cars a bit of artistry,

tangles toward a pretty blue sky.

If I might welcome that energy,

soothing to my lost soul in struggle,

feeling the hurt of a reality in place,

sort out the memory of what is good.

I can only see a sadness in expression,

weathering the chaos of confusion,

wonder with me, how do we navigate

the bullshit of ego’s human condition.

When once while laughter contained

the irony of our way of life, sometime

later we forget just how bright our eyes

could feel on a brilliant winter afternoon.

I’d like to keep things this way for today,

just breathe in the beauty of Nature’s kind.

Our Charges Return

Streaming in waves, in smiles and raves,

the children are arriving this morning,

we will welcome all of you with open arms,

readied our rooms, and ironed our ties,

the days ahead are only meant for you.

innocent eyes, and worrisome nights,

children of our halls, determined and right.


I stepped into the constant motion

noticed them all with emotion,

I realized how much I’d missed every face,

how excited I was by the new,

I understood that this special place,

held a bargain for me to offer solace,

to those that came through the halls today.


We begin the task, forever in progress,

the idea of moving our pages along,

the free-spirit nature of every child,

is our responsibility to maintain, to ideal.

Walk inside the classroom, tap a pencil

look around the space to see a set of eyes,

then know that each set is willing the same.


To a teacher on the first day of school, hello,

to a student in return, welcome to your life.

All Else Fails

That’s when the cup,

we often debate about it,

poured in, spilled out.

When all else …

we come to realize –

oh wait,

I do.

I am the one,

the individual, that person, this living being,

the one to make the change.

When all else –

becomes a reality,

then it is then,

when I have to go forward,

saying only these things,

speaking just the words that fit,


acknowledging there is this inherent

need to succeed.

Such a powerful phenomena,

far better than the ruse,

of living in failure.

I believe, do you?

What about today?

Let’s think about the next time,

we wonder about the finish line,

it never really ends though,

we just continue,

fighting the good and common

role, roll with it, mastery,

is knowing failure is never defined,

nor be it accolades for accomplishment,

because when the sun rises in the morning,

there is far more ahead.

Tiresome Notions

When the news is simple with the same complaints,

only to fill the byte,

when I see the same woman walking through the day,

with new bruises

when I realize what little I have managed thus far

with personal endeavors

when sitting down to recognize my practiced routines

will be the same tomorrow

when society claims to be a free-thinking state of mind,

while the same doors remain shut

when glancing upon my fellow man I feel it necessary

to watch my back,

I’m tired,

I’m exhausted by a need to revolutionize

a way of life.

I want to simply appreciate

the world around me,

rather than

be a constant negotiator

of my lexicon.

I am that human being,

that same make of you,

my measures can be different,

if only we recognize our view

can offer hope,

rather than stifle,

can become reality,

rather than illusion.

When I think about all the things I have to do,

I am tired society,

I am tired of you.

Driving Anxiety

minneapolis institute of art









I write words

that satisfaction of definition

lovely adages

responsible explorations

delightful anecdotal


oh cut the crap wordsmith

let’s talk about the other reality

that peace of anxiety

ah, clever little mind-, uh, can’t go there,

but the wheels are always rolling


I write words

they satisfy me

assist me

bring me somewhere

that lets me see a world

truly does exist, not just in my head

real, reflective outbursts of reality.

Oh, cut the …


Blues in a Steady Rain

We watch the rains fall

when we have the time to cry

we like to know when the weather turns

we prepare ourselves to …


let the blues take me on a ride

when I think about all the new

ideas just yesterday gave my eyes

I can now begin to believe …


I like to listen to the mellow groove

let’s my mind just take a walk

inside the dreams and notions

I can never quite put aside …


I am preparing for a ride

getting the jump start on an engine

the triggers that let me fly

on this quiet journey. I mention

this only to you because you hear

the ramblings of a quiet man

who only wants to realize

just how similar we all can be.


Rains are falling hard now

lets me wonder about time

how do we measure our lives

poured upon by atmosphere


We take a notion that we heard

some sage that caught our eye today

we listen to their words to say

we want to be just like their way


And suddenly our patience interferes

time begins to issue statements

our worlds can’t be just like each other

far too different in our sudden fears


When the skies begin to part I feel a little sad

knowing again my world awaits another storm