Feed My Starving Ego

I am that man,
quiet exterior,
turbulent insides that mock,
the true nature of my kind, soft,
Give me something to chew on,
I will respond,
sustenance is my substance, of course,
that’s what they tell me,
I strive to organize my plate
with all the resources available,
give me strength,
let me value the grace of
a well fed ego before the reality around me
turns my insides out.

I walk amongst the people,
the ones I choose,
and they feed me with wrath, avarice, confusion,
so when I react,
when time comes upon me to be a leader,
I will starve you all
with my own satisfaction,
until my appetite,
my enormous caverns of self-righteous
can far outweigh the needs around me,
ah, calorie counters,
I love calorie counters,
they’re my favorite people.

Give me the liberty to react
with my own agenda
so I can satisfy my own hunger
for the eyes,
the fabulous eyes,
that allow me to think I have
ignited the fires,
set in motion the movement,
while beyond the green screen facade,
the real starvation continues,
just beyond my scope of vision.
Let them eat cake.

Listen to the World

They are out there you know,

people with real lives,

ones that matter

Tonight’s news after the snow

while detailing drives

windswept clatter

A story ran about a father

shot in the face

by his younger

son in the garage where bother

Seldom sheds such grace

on a quiet neighbor.

We listened while our country

endured a foreign speaker

watched our statesmen

toss salt and vinegar heartily

on our president our leader

we really call them men?

Tonight there will be lovely starving

children playing their last play

until their bodies close down

a shroud will cover them not knowing

their innocence was in no way

responsible for our frown.

When I was just a little boy I couldn’t

know beyond my magical world

lives mattered far beyond

my own