Knowing Love

While walking through the settled earth,

we would wonder,

slow steps,

havoc handling heaven-sent harmony.


While I was out the other night,

i hadn’t realized my life had changed,



Happened to me once before,

well, once or twice before

the reckoning.


We all need to have a few,

before we find our way.

That real world scenario,

stops me in my tracks,

has me wonder about just what,

when did my life take this turn,

that one that everyone else can see,

but me deep inside,

I always fail to know,

until I am being told.


I suppose I like being told,

I like having a direction offered to me,

even in the worst scenario,


I still rather enjoy being the leader of the knowing path,

that led me here,

led us all here some time ago,

and ever since that day.


We keep knowing,

just really deep down when everyone has walked away,

we keep knowing love.



Our life blood,

really is what defines us

only if we want to

accept our frailty

rather than relish upon our


those opportunities

that life’s challenges sometime


Or do we, when caught up in


ever question that reality,

that desire,

that drive,

that what is it some quest

someone yelled to me on the diving board

where’s your motivation,

just jump joker.

So I did, they didn’t, I dove, they stayed above, I swam

they watched.

Have you ever looked at the world while wading?


figures that don’t appear real

waving before your eyes

as if


one might decide they’re less important

figures of fantasy

having no bearing on our present


Ah, to recognize

how shallow our world can become

when ignorance decides upon our outcome.

Live strong, breathe genuine,

let the truth hurt while finding love.

Leaping Hearts

So the other day

I realized that all of my pain

The wrenching self-pity

Constant worry

Practiced resentment

All of that garbage you see hanging off my shoulders

Belonged there


For just a little time

We need to carry the weight of our burden

To recognize we are not alone

Humility can always knock on our door

No matter how special the fabric of our security

Life matters and it occurs

One day we’re flying above water

Next day drowning in a sea of remorse


We want to blame modern society

That all of the ills have been created

By the manner of living

Over stepping our true values

Over acting in certain arenas

Over responding to quiet moments

We all share the burden of humanity

Then why can’t we share the Grace?


We all die together

Much like we all begin as one

For that simple moment of clarity

When I hold my baby in my hands

And recognize her smile, her genuine eyes

Seeking direction, seeking, asking without words

Only, just, only what, a tear, a breath

Wanting something from me, and I suddenly know

My heart leaps with the beauty of the moment


Love! Love will be. Love is. Peace is Love.