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Beyond Moments

If in breath, a gasp, an eye glance,
worlds interact with indifferent realities,
only to provide expression,
if only then might we understand.

While a horizon away,
a family struggles to recognize
the wealth of their local dream,
while on the other side, a smile.

If during some compelling summer
we all recognize theirs is an august,
might we in that brief moment,
give certainty to everyone’s value.

While walking toward the sun,
a fellow or perhaps her inclination
might be to know truth is love,
could all possibility turn virtuous.

We listen to the dreams of the others
oft beyond consideration of our own.

Holding the Edge

sunlit horizon

We have to be so immediate in our caution

the world exists based upon our action

while in a moment I cry,

in seconds later I wonder why

the beauty around me escapes my eyes.

Lost in a cloud of circumstantial worry,

I am allowed only that brief respite to be one

with my identity in the eyes of another.

Yet, how might I tell that other person

all I wish for is to be recognized alone

without masks,

no sweet songs or rhythm

to clarify this state of mind.

Tonight, I watch the sun begin to set

and imagine that world brilliant beyond

the horizon, and I wonder quietly to myself,

if there might be another …

Can we all begin to believe our heart and soul

responds to that same energy together.