Diana Ross singing at Rockefeller Center

I was watching a Christmas special on NBC tonight – the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center – the Rock as it is referred to. I was entertained by the singers and circumstance, and then suddenly, Diana Ross took the stage. I was stunned. Her voice carries over the decades of my life. In the 60’s she became the iconic singer she is with the Supremes, a fiery voice that would carry a wonderful spirit throughout my life.

Tonight watching Diana sing standards didn’t necessarily make me feel old. It helped me realize the beauty of music and how it carries us through all the experiences in our life, the ups and downs, the learning moments, the tragedies, and finally the hope we all might have that such energy is a gift.

Diana Ross is a gift to my life, and tonight she moved me. What a beautiful person.

Ode to Holiday Blues – A Sonnet


Oh, when the pressure is on to be on

we wake into mornings of indecision.

Wondrous life are we being put upon

imagining peace to be our passion.

So many hearts and souls to care about,

where are new lines drawn, below or above

for ’tis the season to offer devout

compassion for those eyes that we may love.

Shower fearful worlds with material

that covets the take away society

until finally we may sleep restful

less caught in holiday anxiety.

For now see the blues and take a chance

to simply love and practice elegance

Pissed Off

I could hide behind a mask of


Or present a façade of


Although knowing me

As you do

I might simply wear my heart on my sleeve

Yet I am unable to

Feel very good about it tonight while



Step inside my mind

And you’ll see

There are demons struggling

With the good guys

Perhaps it is the time of year

Turn of the screw

New resolutions, new horizons

Embarking upon

Efforts to appreciate the future



I think I want to end

That’s it

Perhaps that is the real issue

Creating the angst

Some silly desire to step off the platform

That arena

What is the point of effort anymore

So exhausting

Yet the moment one begins to express

Negative energy


Our lives are relegated to simple analogies

That with an epiphany become sweet elegies

The Darker Reality


In America,

We celebrate with a feast

All of our lives

Are wrapped together

In a few hours of dinner celebration


In America,

Someone is crying


Away from the eyes they hide their pain



In America,

We drive fine vehicles

Wear designer gowns

Winding black ties on our collars

While sipping fine wines


In America,

The winds are biting

As a cardboard shelter

Provides little security

The hours creep slowly again


In America,

We will shop in droves

Just after midnight

And while a needy soul

Lays nearby, we’ll boast about

Our tent outside of Best Buy


In America,

Our lives are no different

In America we love freedom

On Thanksgiving night

In America … pray for us all