Young Man Eyes


When then there was glory

I read those words in books

saw pictures of all of them

all of the men

that ‘sacrificed their lives’

for the common good

for liberty and justice


These are the words I read

the pictures I was given to look at.

Funny, when I remember

the protests,

people standing righteous

on the White House lawn,

on university bridges,

in simple American towns

holding signs that said,

‘Stop the War’ today.

I was 8 years old and thought that was

pretty cool.

Today I am older when I recall

the glory days of ‘protest’.

What I miss though are the tears,

those were not in the pictures I saw

certainly not in the words I read.

I couldn’t see the pain,

the shortened lives,

the hungry alarm for justice.

I wasn’t able to sense the fury

of changed men and her personal loss.

Limbs removed, heads redesigned, gaits changed.

I cannot fathom the strength and courage

our military miracles,

those true women and men,

gave of themselves to allow me to write these words.

Today I wonder just how powerful the

protest signs really were

when held up against the sacrifice

our brothers and sisters,

mothers and fathers,

grandparents sons and husbands …

Today I want to honor you,

for today this is Memorial Day

and we will celebrate with solace,

the souls and living arms of our Nation,

Your eyes, your lives are the true hero.