Letting Go of Control

We do so often choose to realize

far too late,

the consequence of our dreams


While stroll sweet surreal in disguise

we often relate

yet fully unaware of our screams


Much later of course when commitment

has taken hold

we’re left to only wonder alone


Were it simpler to define our resentment

might then getting old

be less severe without needs atone.


The other day blocks of wood fell to earth

when some drove by

a few decidedly helped out the aged


We are never told to act as if simple girth

become the reason why

ignorance bemoans the world’s ragged


upon our soul as we strive to move forward

we wish for time to release attitude toward.

Real Tears

We have moments

We are tested

attitude, notions, hurts,

material gains and losses

We cry for ourselves

while around us life continues

and we cry

and the world changes.

We discover one waking autumn

we haven’t the strength

the mortal fortitude

that ability to call the shots.

Then we cry some more.

We haven’t ever been able,

ever had the wise words,

ever known the balance

when life takes us down


road of internal disruption.

Yet, we do have life:

beauty in spirit

brilliance in delight

brevity in balance.

How many positive lives

set the tone

for how we gain knowledge

how our lives can merit

good fortune.

I know a man

who is goodness in my world

his spirit has touched me

everyday of my life

and that internal chaos

that designed animal

of helpless abandon

cannot limit his strength

I have felt real tears

for a reason beyond me,

a moment of humanity

that asks, appeals, awaits

good forgiveness,

good passion,

yes, a delicious passion

to move forward

to smile toward a sunlit morning

to hold our children close

to recognize our fallibility

has little to do

with our genuine elegance.

I do feel real tears

and they fall in abundance

let them be carrying

droplets of joy.


Depression in Windows



Just out of my grasp, I can see the world

Standing on the edge of my reality

Wondering just how far to reach

Where are the guide-lines to help break my fall

Used to be nearby

I could crawl away, feel safe, hear voices

That told me everything would be okay

Now today I look across a vacuum

See the light

See the open room that lies ahead

See the world that exists

Standing on the edge of my reality

Wondering just how far to reach

The cold mist of a dark, dank existence

Envelops my mind, never bringing any warmth

I stand here wondering if I might jump

Will my energy carry me to the window

Leaving all of the horrific pictures behind

Having only the light my mind is confused

Wondering if once inside that pretty world

If ever that feeling of lost reality will return

Will the windows darken again

Will the land form around my legs

To leave me standing there once again

Wondering how the darkness prevailed

Upon my once hopeful imagination