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If They Could All Hear

I wonder of their surprise at heartache

If such emotion would exist at all

Could the people today avoid mistake

When deciding result of a great fall.


Life begins in coveted innocence

We all have a naked chance to be heard

When does the act of living lose its sense

Of forgiveness, compassion, a soft word.


Seems always a troubadour simple chance

Leads forward the masses beyond all

Hope of understanding how we enhance

Own pitfalls, simply show self we befall.


When Heaven is defined, Hell is lost.

Though Hell is adamant at all cost.

His Different Plan

I was told once that He has a different plan,

since it involved me, I wondered

how knowing it is up to me what method

what sort of ideal

how might I decide

this new plan to be the correct one.

We all live our lives

in a sheltered, mechanical buffer,

one that if needed might bounce

toward new horizons,

yet there is the occasional


the mechanics have failed,

not the individuals but the idyllic

nature of survival swept away.

so thinking today about the Almighty

plan, I wonder sometimes, what is it

really I am looking for, beyond my

own peace of mind. How drawn

by my insecurity do I hold myself

hostage toward my own personal


I’m thinking about a different plan,

yet see the same reality each day.

This evening I am basking in the guilt

of knowing a decision I made earlier

has an end result to create grief.

Though I haven’t processed my loss,

I do more than ever want to know

the plan.