Watching The Snowy Night Sky

I’ve been waiting all day for the snow,

now I glance my window,

it arrives with a light affection

reminds me of my childhood

perhaps a memory that haunts me more than love

the delight of family,

the anticipation of a gathering,

the death of a cousin,

where in my silent fog of misunderstanding,

I watched the burial of a loved one,

while treetops echoed the reminder of snowy limbs,

the sort of day we might play,

but instead we watched a passing of life,

confusion, anger, loss, and tears were rife

on this day I watched my cousin laid into the wintry earth.


So tonight, I watch the sky again,

a quiet reminder of how our lives

are sweet in their ties to memory,

of love, of pain, of the loss all so bittersweet.


The snows are beautiful though ever so brief

We Had This Time

When we might walk alone,

gathering thoughts while in motion,

when neither might be known

except a look, a glance, a notion.

Wish we might, now years later,

understand just how we could ask

for more time, ask for just another day,

when we seamless now today bask

in memory to hold our hands this way.

When my heart feels a pale instance

drawn within a soulful time we knew

our lives were simple and full of chance

when then we held the keys so new.

If I could ask you again without any repeal,

yesterday, to hold me again with open arms,

would you forgive my innocent appeal

could we then no longer feel such alarms.

Our adult hat tricks a mellow state of mind,

creates an urgency that lets go our release

while rather reminding ourselves of that bind

holds our conscience in place; quiet peace.

I remember when I felt like my world was you,

when then I could wait like no-one ever knew.