Two Soul

We did when once

held eyes

then spoke of feeling blessed.

We asked each other

if that held inside

matched each other.

Would wits in unison

strike gold or a stricken fever

would be the natural course of love

when fraught with fear

the flip-side will


We spoke of time in a sudden fantasy

turn only foreign sentiment

to realize today,

hearts aligned would still wander

in some vacant stereo of emotion.

Within the truth of love

two souls find one.

©️ Thom Amundsen 6/2021

In This My Quiet

Is when then known only me

Some is the sacrifice

More often is penchant to grieve

Finding only solace

A genuine peace

Pressures are off

Too soon we would scoff

For know that day

Beautiful sunrise

Warm is energy late fall

While the morning mellows

Changing winds

Still elude this fellow

His smile

Forever held in eyes

Enough that

His soul

Would that he might

Would he still find

Her heart

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When Wonder Whines

I sometimes look at the world we live in,

and I wonder, is it mine to simply understand

or is what there is to believe

as complicated as it might seem.


The people I interact with have similar hopes,

we all feel certain the goodness in our hearts

yet how often have we let another walk by

whom later on we wondered their whereabouts.


We all wish to be a part of the solution,

tip a feather in my hat, I knew not to wander

yet, later on, sitting in my own quiet comfort

I still begin to wonder, is this really what I mean.


I’d like to think the world holds a positive energy,

impossible to measure without that negative strain.

Crossing The Line



Instinctually we choose to respond

as the heart might certain suggest,

though perhaps a practicality

draws upon a decisive measure.


We search the source,

find the accuracy in a stat,

insist upon certain prior

knowledge, presumably …


Yet there is also emotion

that piece of reality sometimes

forgotten, overshadowed,

set aside as a possibility.


All avenues seem accessible,

accurate, accountable, adoring,

always the human condition

presents as a family heirloom.


In every capacity of our lives

we are given license to know,

to react, to express

a need to seek relevance.


Today when we glance outside,

the world looks easy,

trees reacting to the breeze,

traffic always purposeful.


The cars on the street modern,

roads meant to civilize

a way of life

seems impenatrable.


Yet the violence is out there,

on everyone’s mind,

we are thinking about

somewhere beyond this.


Could be right next door,

I used to live in a flat

accessible to my entire world

within a block of my purpose.


Likely miles away and beyond

the reach of our compassion,

though we are told, we know,

we cannot escape the reality.


it is in the lines, the sort of

choices we make to care about,

show compassion, or that fear,

recognize risk reflects humanity


When we do choose to cross,

seems everyone is or is not …

walk inside my sordid lot,

perhaps your gain is my loss.

photograph – Wikipedia

Standing on Fences

I didn’t, no.

I could believe it might go

a way my dreams, had

suggested so.

I would be reminded

when she could walk slow,

I’d be blinded

by anything beyond  being so.

Autumn skies,

to add a sadness

while across the way,

she stood, she smiled, she danced,

without anyone needing her to know,

except me.

I was the one stood in the way,

leaned heavily against a fence,

I wanted to carry with me,

so perhaps another time,

I could count on the


being healthier than


I would wait, my hope

a smile might permeate the strict

reality of my visual nightmare.

she would be,

there in the afternoon sunlight

away from me,

without knowing,

unless of course I wave,

I shouted,

please don’t leave me I love you.

she smiled.

yet my eyes would fail me,

when hoping her glance my way

would provide comfort.

I smiled and let her be.

Straight From The Heart

artist - Jim Dine

artist – Jim Dine

I would if I could, I would, I certainly …


Suggest all of the angst, the properly balanced

insecurities that wrap my mind

around so many levels of mediocrity.

There is where I remain chained to the revelation

that help define the who, the why, the identity

behind the actions.

I am hurting so bad, I cannot fathom going on

with the pain, yet, I haven’t any reason to feel the way I do.

I can feel the swell in my heart, the ache

reminds me every moment of how the clock continues

to move forward, never ending, always a tick,

a step, a task, a loss of what just was seconds before,

so trivial and true yet simple and free,

though mind-numbing to imagine the reality.

I remember asking years ago and wondering

the question why, until years later when I was being trained,

I was advised to never bring up the why.

But why!

Sudden Burst

The waiting, the corner, the wall

always standing at the wall,

wonderment, fascination, excitement

beyond that quiet obstacle

always in front, leading,

misleading while she waits,

patient, ambitious, passionate,

that sudden burst,

when the world opens up

our hearts become filled with an energy,

delightful, soothing, encouraging

our truths,

our paths,

our knowledge that we can


step beyond that wall

now knowing,

the next one is passable,

and others …

Well beyond lives defined

by heart’s energy, positive, goodness

Real World

When the day begins we watch the light

rise above the horizon, light up the sky

we can imagine everyone that might

decide that now we answer questions why

we structure our lives around simple time

a measure here, and change becomes a need

life goals might change at the drop of a dime

hearts prevail in idealism’s seed.

Now walk ahead and leave the past behind

we have our lives, such true loves that await

the reckoning, caress of the sweet mind

that which we casually operate

I watched the sun rise this morning alone

realizing errors I must atone.

Dry Ice

That’s what I imagine when my mind shuts down,

a cold reality, that is caustic to the touch,

unable to move,

frozen yet hot with immediate passion.

I stand here


together with my family


just how I ever made it this far

material things

beckon me, and tell me they’ll help me

feel good

sitting in the comfort of my threshold

the place where I seek solace

my mind is reeling

unable to track a single notion

further than a couple of minutes.

My greatest fear,

might be that state of mind

carries me out into my community

and those around me that I don’t care about

suddenly notice.

Imagine the steam that surrounds my

every thought – ruthless and course

cold as my … save this wrenching heart.

Shadows of My Heart – for a good friend

I want you to know

how real I am, can be, want you to

know why, how come, when, because.

As every question crosses your mind

think of me, her, maybe him, each one of us

might just answer the same.

We like happy,

good energy,

positive words,

delightful expressions

they make me feel really good.

I want to feel good,

know the world around me

is good,

believe the people I interact with

are good,

understand that each one of us

is inherently good.

Don’t forget that,

on those days when you feel despondent,

and want to cry, let the tears happen,

and cleanse your soul of the fear,

that foreboding piece of human nature,

the human condition,

the reason to ask why it is

I can never quite understand my shadow.