All These Voices

Thoughtful serenades fill an empty room

no one looking just the me and mine.

He wonders if it is always such gloom

or are we left without our favorite wine.


Seems the cadence of our party restrained

by motive, by aspiration, by silent neglect.

When race horses begin, know what is gained

yet miss a step and it is a horror so perfect.


Want to tell all the voices to leave my head alone

I can’t stand to hear the constant berated tone

I can’t stand to hear the constant berated tone

can’t stand the berated tone.


The next time he stood alone at the precipice

He wished some sort of respite from his world.

Everything he had seemed suddenly at risk

He thought again and then his mind he twirled.


can’t stand the berated tone

out of my head haunting clone

out of my head haunting clone

© Thom Amundsen 9/2021

Out of My Head

Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch

We are that little demon

who infiltrates your head

we second guess

will say unless

while the world ticks along.

Instead of knowing why

Instinct suggests it would

involve your being wise

initiate some newer worry

in time our circle wound


Leave their lives alone,

and wonder about your own,

there’s plenty of time to find

a vacancy at home. Unwind

the raveling storm of discontent

relish beauty’s grace your true intent.

We cannot hope to find a way

to shake the storms of our today

if when we recognize our will

we choose again to simply chill


I walked outside tonight to scream

while further along remains my dream.

Society in War


Is there a fair alliance we live in this hate

can we appreciate any everyman’s pain together

Our stakes seems to be in a constant state

always in the news, a new tragedy unfolds

across the world, outside my back door,

doesn’t really matter anymore, we are alone,

inside our own sort of acid driven nightmare,

each one of us walks together with a fear,

that somehow this might all meet a demise,

yet, everywhere I look I can see your peace,

in your eyes,

I see it, beautiful and sweet,

we all do have that look,

only if we might allow its return.

So often we might believe the timing wrong,

today really sucks, so tomorrow I’ll change,

and that’s just inside your own head,

the guy next to you hasn’t any clue.

Imagine if each of us could in a moment,

take the mind of another nearby,

for just a couple of hours,

instead we seem to just walk by,

we ignore the reality of our own,

simple, not complex, delivered

human lives. If we might stay there,

stay quiet in resolute acceptance.

If only I might stay out of my head.