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I Cry, Sometimes

Sharing a story,

recalling a significant

rite of passage

in my childhood,

Not one I chose

I might be so



One day,

her glance

a twelve year old mind,

frightened by tragedy,

submission to God’s plan,

a confusion,

yet her eyes,

would tell me a story.


I then

and forever


would struggle my means

would understand

only a criticism

I would believe

in my own heart,

only to find,

years upon years,

I would recognize

her heart to be pure

holding firm

a supportive glance

in a time of sadness.


Oh, today,

I did cry,

I felt a passion

to share, to allow

a soul

might know

my own choices

in a life

where all of my instincts


at a very young age,

one OI would choose

to live again,

a parallel life perhaps

touched by


© Thom Amundsen 2019

It Is A Beautiful Day


How so do the moods define our day,

we wake to a sunlit morning to defy the odds,

or perhaps we settle in selective pods

stepped away we did from society’s way.


A certain lovely attraction is contained in smile

circus acts and normalcy all find sweet balance,

life becomes less of form, tossed beyond chance

might we interact open heartedly in the while.


We speak of a world that exists based upon because

spirited within an altruistic desire toward freedom.

Yet somewhere along the way began a kingdom

begetting perhaps – there begs the question of laws.


Sans the trifle, sense the spirited nature of release

We shall find resolute Love internalized in peace.

When Healthy Battles an Excuse

While it is surely our own decision

to find the cure for the ailing sentiment,

it is certainly our own decisive nature,

can find neutrality in forgiveness.


Might we choose to be forsaken,

mistake ridden, guilt driven,

… shame …

while the rest of the world motors on.


I once watched as my world walked away from me,

a simple turn of the corner,

and the park opened up to accept their energy,

leaving me to be the observer,

still wondering why yet knowing,

I could only answer rather than



There is little difference between

happiness and tragedy,

an emotional roller coaster

when appreciated,

we can ride throughout the night,

weather the storm,

and breathe in the rays of sunlight’s

everlasting energy.


We are so simply drawn,

by choosing either or,

that when it comes time to forget,

we simply remind, regret, respond

with memory of

the terrible times,

we wallow in the mire of our own remorse.


It is happiness,

and that is so valuable in our lives,

a normal saying

would suggest,

let happiness take on the battle,

and hope their is a safe place to land.

When Time Suggests Pause


I was

all indicators explained a motive

a rocky shelf, crags of decay,

unstable to the touch, delightful

in its visual splendor.

This is a place

we all know,

a safe higher ground

where time begins with a pause,

a reflection in that pool of despair.

When all the moments come together,

a flash of indecision,

a step toward …

and suddenly played aloud,

their laughter bouncing off the cliffs,

they peeked around the corner

to see the man on the ledge,

whispered to each other

in wonder,

while watching him walk back into the wood,

leaving only silent imagery.

When Just A Child

I could laugh and scream all day,

play in the soil and mock the world,

there wasn’t a chance of being hurt

I was simply a boy with a magic heart.

I remember chuckling out loud,

at a sibling playing a trick on me,

I recall thinking that was allowed

for as a child no ill words hurled

Even on rainy days in the early spring,

I’d glance out the picture window,

watching the robins dance in the lawn,

and I was a child just watching the world.

I remember being a kid among my peers,

playing basketball to the many cheers,

I was on the bench but my friends,

they were the ones creating the smiles.

Saturday afternoon,

grey clouds without notice,

a walk into the room,

the one with the picture window,

the faces all looked so grim,

I hadn’t a clue, we’d one our game,

and then the words,

they’ll haunt me as they do today

your cousin ____ died last night,

no names were needed then.

I stole away into my room,

cried a million tears wondered

what could certainly take me away,

so this reality might not return.

See, there’s a tool of laughter,

happiness dances, when just a child,

we haven’t heard of any disaster,

so why today, is life still so wild.

When Just A Child

I could dream,

look out over an open landscape,

let my mind travel to somewhere, I couldn’t see,

but I felt it, deep in my bones,

I’d look to the sky,

hope it might be there, appear,

always returning eventually,

when my name I might hear, a song on the radio,

would always bring me back.


Today I’m older,

still looking out that window,

wondering what might truly be nearby,

just around that concept,

the idea of a new horizon,

a different place,

one that offers resource,

to help contain the peril of this place.

Perhaps that’s strong,

yet, I do believe we are sometimes gazing

at the brilliance of an evening star,

and we left believing …


Something is out there, and beautiful,

a dream, a mystery, an island hoping we could

land there, just for a moment,

and then we’re pulled back again,

the island fades into our natural trance,

we’re left imagining there will be another day,


when I glance across the street through my open window,

I will see the beauty of life in freedom’s grasp so delightful.

8 Years


Eight years ago, I stood by your side,

listening to your story,

wondering how life could become

such a travesty of pain and confusion.

I felt fortunate to not struggle your loss,

that loss of confidence,

that departure of reasoning,

the ability to throw your life away

without a second’s thought,

all for the mantra of a seething monster.


Eight years ago, I stood by your side,

telling my story,

how life had dealt me difficult times,

how my chances were failing,

how suddenly I no longer knew what gambling meant.

I only knew despair, fear, and grandiose notions,

of survival, of playing the game, of beating the odds.

When before I judged the world around me,

today’s court included me,

ownership and honesty knocked on my door.


Today, I do stand by your side,

and I am grateful,

but there is no credit in my arena,

that belongs to the power of giving,

all of you my recovering souls,

all of you that wake with every glorious day,

to proclaim to the listening voices,

‘today, I didn’t gamble, today I am clean!’

Today, I rise with each waking sun,

knowing I have been gifted with harmony.


Eight years ago, the urge to gamble, an insidious addiction,

suggested my life would be better if I stood next to all of you.