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Three Ravens

In the morning while I wandered, three ravens

took flight while leaving me quite startled

I wondered of their presence, so soon their haven

suddenly disrupted, though I chortled.

How odd to see such masked creature

on a day that does tease nature.


While I thought quite little of their departure

I did chuckle in my own quiet

how is it this day the begin their venture

as in their way I appear to riot.

Much life is often coincidental

seldom thought of as easily incidental.


I won’t pretend to have Edgar’s prowess with a bird

Just a Happy Halloween with words rather absurd.

Reeling in Midnight’s Anxiety

Glance toward the sky

the mood,

the more I think about

the lunacy; the absurd

notions sweep

across mind’s eye


Guide me through the havoc,

let me at least

find a way to calm

an edgy hallowing urgency,

cross paths with my ego,

find the setting sun to be surreal.


Grant me one wish

while baying at the shadowed

illumination. Every participant,

each contribution

clouds, a steady breeze, night chill,

the lights of the city mean little to me tonight.


I felt the presence of a strange reality,

then the sky arose to speak of sanity.

What Frightens a Ghost?


Chilling season

Cowering moments

Medley of circumstance


When the world stops

Our reality becomes suspect

An indecisive gesture


Walking towards

An active classroom

Should doors open?


How many eyes

Will suddenly observe

Every step toward …


What if I trip?

Perhaps a sneeze

Watch me cry


Seems the season

Is right for peril

Masks consume the night


Yet the light of day

Frightens my mind

When asked to reveal


Open wounds

Hindered gait

In the eye of my peers


I am a ghost

Inside my own

Predicated world


Catastrophic tendencies

Prevent security

Night terrors consume


My mind as I enter

A room of certain scorn

Is this a God moment?