Slight Night – Carpe Diem #190 – Special

Carpe Diem Special #190


I could if right

eyes glance inside sky

long winding night


that hurt we know

while evening stars shine

fallen away glow


we could do this

always together alone

secure stars soul


still a waking hour

waits to suggest a circle

again seeks night sky

Carpe Diem #891 Joy of Living

We would choose ice

floes slap seal where currents

run strong summer


a ski swift we

fall forever snow icy depths

then Joan Baez sings


cabin warmth snow cling

melts in shadowed wintertime view



fresh air freeze

sillhouettes in our travel

on nature’s ice


we would warm

sweet breeze of arctic air

our lives alive again

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #665 (Sunset over the harbor)

images (1)

while wilderness winds

last remnants of sunlit sky

water glass welcome


a long gravel walk

road will stretch into the night

soul see sun streaked sky


wafting in harbor

night lights begin their sojourn

after dark we play


when today we cried

now watch evening shade appear

watch over our lives