Humanity Rages Wild

We do

each one when

we step apart from our shell

become vulnerable,

instinct drives survival.

In nature,

there is a task inherent

in the lives of every animal,

to begin their journey toward the next sunset.

Are we not the similar species?

Is not the world order dependent upon

personal sacrifice that lends a hand

while the prize exists directly in front of us.

Perhaps knowing allows some semblance of


a virtue we all struggle to acknowledge

until faced with the reality of being helpless.

Much like the bear symbolic of a blueberry patch,

so does the antelope fear the grasp

of wild prey.

We do humbly walk our path of

humanity driven quests of validation,

each avenue of success tests

the next delivery of mankind

in all its mystery, when less defined a simple reality.

So ravage on human in all of your wildness,

know that the quest to better our lives,

runs parallel with the mystique

of a forest dense with constant growth.