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Growing Old

I have my sanity

Furnace is working

Comfortable robe

Cup of coffee

I know the days ahead

Filled with reflection

I’m not 22

Nor am I 38

Significant days

All run in between

I’m growing old

Trying to find space

A place to remember

In only my head.

My body feels old

Yet I can still smile

I can laugh at the cold

Appreciate the sun

Means I need to love

To go on

To remember

To appreciate growing old.

Music Drives the Soul

Take me on a journey

Let me see the fields,  golden

On a summer’s day

While I remain alone

In a chair

Unable to move beyond sipping a wine

While the sun begins to set

Just outside my west window


That’s what I imagine

When I get old


And while my eyes still observe

The world around me

The peace

Will be, knowing you are by my side


A cup of chicken soup

A spoonful at a a time

I can feel your smile

Strained and hopeful

Having carried the burden of faith

For all these many years


When I listened to music

Driving in my Chevy Bel-Aire

Just shy of 20 years

I might never imagine


The woman of my dreams

Who could withstand all of my ego-driven



And decide to remain

Nearby to lift a ladle to my lips

While in the background

The Moody Blues

Might help settle the sunlight