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Grateful Solace

All week the idea of this day has rolled through my mind. Thanksgiving, and what it is that gives us such value toward one day out of the calendar. Despite its origins which do give me pause and help me realize we might be thought somewhat arrogant to an indigenous nation we clearly took advantage for our own benefit. The day nonetheless has become a gathering of family, a day over the years that has the promise of memory and laughs and celebration of an identity we have become together.

I can always remind myself of our family meeting one another in my grandmother’s home in Duluth. She and her husband, Granny and Gramps cherished their family in every extent of the word. I know the dining room table that would fit us all with the children in the next room, sitting on as polished oak they could match with the adults sacred space. To make it one day to the main room, the main serving table of Granny’s wonderful meal was a rite of passage for all including myself.

We were raised in the fashion of an Irish tradition, and anyone who walked into the home on 5th avenue, became another Irish descendant the moment they crossed the threshold. My father alone – Papa – of a Norwegian descent was clearly an Irishman that day, embraced by Nana’s parents like a son – a paramount meaning of love that I have wished I might emulate my entire life. I was lucky, we were all lucky to know unconditional love in every aspect of the word.

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving and we must first acknowledge the state of mind a pandemic has placed upon our ability to celebrate together. No matter the circumstance for some of ‘alone’ and all of its impact, we can still with integrity celebrate the meaning of love. Wherever we stand, however we live our lives in distant or near proximity, only one reality matters – kindness.

We are compassionate souls no matter how much we might choose to fight that attribute in any given paradigm of our own position in life. We have experienced those we do cherish who have passed on to their next journey (God bless) and we will hold a chair for them today because memory alone will always keep them close to our heart. We will recognize those of lesser means who today might have a tear or flood of emotion knowing their isolation and hunger will be overlooked by the many that come before and did once share lives together. I don’t speak of myself in that realm, I am a fortunate man.

Today let’s lift our glass to the beauty of life. Let’s look in one another’s eyes and remember that together we have created these moments for many years well beyond our own mortality. Let us be kind and grateful for all of the people that came before and after who created whom we are today.

Let us love with passionate embrace.

© Thom Amundsen  11/2020

Wanting Relief

Last night I listened to the winds howl in melody

seems they were speaking, warning of a parody.

So quickly our lives, my own, grooves self importance

wanting only to observe, less patience more chance.


I speak in my head a constant life of simple romance

that sort that would suggest our lives live in a trance.

The famous writers who could travel in love’s pain

a prowess with words, retelling always the reader’s gain.


I wondered how long it might be in this state I remain

whereby my actions would prevent me feeling the rain.

Where simply do we go when the winds to pull us under

An impossibility, our minds will not be want of wander.


Last night I listened to the winds howl their melody,

A certain peace is Her vibrant reminder the ready.

© Thom Amundsen 4/2020


Hello everyone, all of you delightful and inspirational bloggers out there. It is high time I thank you for the journey you have set me on with your writing and craft. I began this travel a little over a year and a half ago, I suppose a few months earlier than that, but things began to get pretty serious around March of 2013. In April of 2013 there came the ‘poem a day’ challenge, that complemented National Poetry Month, and for the first time in over 30 years, I stuck to the plan. I know it had a lot to do with the people here, and your support, your ideas, and your wonderful and intriguing writing.

To me, writing has always been a release (familiar words) but even more so in these blogs I have been able to shell out some of the skeletons in my closet, albeit mild in relation to Stephen King I suppose – man how does that guy live with himself? My writing has allowed me to gain greater confidence in my words, and a lot of it has to do with an extremely welcoming community of bloggers.

So now as my summer begins to close, and I think about returning to my classroom, I am confident my pace will continue as is, and I will forever delight in the fabulous array of creative and genuine energy these pages offer all of us.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a writer, again.



Grateful Elegance – revised (2011)

In my world

I am given shelter.

In my heart

love has been offered.

In my mind

I have found decision.

In today

I celebrate life, love, and family.

In my life,

I have been free.

I remember … playing silly riddles


Wondering why wishing wells

Didn’t really exist.

Imagining important incidents instilled

happiness and calm.

Losing little lessons learned

might make me sad.

Quiet quests quelled questions

that angered my soul.

Holding high hopes haunted

my lonely outcomes.


Inside my dreams

I could imagine a Spiritual


If only I’d allowed my soul

To appreciate beauty as it were;

And not that which I desired

I would be lifted to a newer plane

Of memory and resolute passion.

If in that moment

I could realize God’s hand.

“And today I will embrace

delight of memory

grace of belonging

notion of nurturing”

Our lives seek one path

Together and that reckoning,

That is true Elegance lived.