Wanting Discovery

I am that person you see every day,

in a coffee shop – caprice with friends,

at the prom, nervous,

in every crowd shot of each rite of passage,

walking to school,

waiting nearby,

the one that popped out of a crowd with a smile,

genuine and as easily drawn to cry as allow laughter.


I am that young man, woman, person, entity, enigma, peer,

sad face, happy expression,

tumultuous personality drawn to the drama,

in knowing I am always questioning who I might be,

I am that one counting upon the moment,

when my world crashes,

crumbles, unravels, unwinds the very sustenance of sanity,

who knows you will be there to catch me,

comfort me, offer solace, provide direction, allow failure

to return to a successful rendezvous

with reality.


Because I know you care.


I am the child,

now the young adult filled with a vigor for pronouncement,

yes, it is my time, to cock, to strut the walk, to corral the essence of time,

with a wish to be recognized,

to be now, finally, in this moment, after years of fear and trepidation,

to be understood.


I am eighteen, seventeen, nineteen years old,

I am that question,

son, daughter, neighbor, friend,

Somali, Latina, American unrecognized, white kid down the block,

African-American, in all beauty, all encompassing,

I am that Asian, Russian, Icelandic, Austrian child,

I am that person – please, hold me, and guide me,

let me thrive.


I am that teenager, that might not yet realize,

howsoever society defines,

I am that Graduate.


A finished product

on paper

wanting immediate recognition

in reality

asking only for keys

to sanity

wonders abound ahead

new quests.

Each moment of passage

now today seems clouded

when yesterday,

the avenues were clear,

I could find you

around every corner

without stumbling forward

into a pedestrian maze.

That symbolism

speaks to tomorrow

suddenly arrived this morning,

when alone I wanted to cry,

no longer able to rely

upon simple childhood.

Tonight I began slowly

to wish for tomorrow

with all of the rewards,

to be a gentle breeze,

one I might navigate through,

challenged by the next mile.

Taking A Walk

This is a special kind of reckoned day

when the sun shines loud we know this beauty

everything smooth in sweet glorious sway

we begin to grow life’s reality

Our daily struggles keep our heartstrings strong

paying the man passionate arching goals.

Wondering in seasons does peace belong

in difficult sessions, fills gaping holes.

He looks out into the morning sweet light,

she breathes a certain delight in this piece

of life now readying a walk tonight.

This day holds confidence in my release.

By standards he will reach a pinnacle;

The man, the master, holds the oracle

My Graduate

Do you remember

when you were a child

I do

I held you in my arms

brand new, wet, overwhelmed without words

and your eyes, open, searching

I remember then you were my first miracle

and mom, well she was giving you to me

a gift.

Together we cried, we held you as one …

Your cap and gown are beautiful

my little miracle

I’ll watch you walk in ceremony

and we’ll hold hands

mom and I will be forever blessed

by your beauty.

Thank you for being part of us, part of you, elegant

from early minutes to adulthood.

We are humbled to watch your eyes

become the lovely young woman you are today.