The Soft, Delicious, Natural Mystique of The Rains

If I can stand in the water pouring across my sky,

I feel the beauty of nature, yet this is peace,

I am soft with my notions today,

without pain, the quiet release is cleansing.


Yet, as these words do in a manner please me,

I am saddened by the reality of the south,

there is a certain mystery in how much is little,

how little is the reminder of our vulnerability.


I do pray for the suffering souls whose eyes glance

upward with confusion, praying for the rains

to allow their lives to continue forward beyond the

deluge of God’s mystery in this reckoning.


I will while slumber in the peaceful nature of my world

imagine an energy to save the hurting reminders of time.

I Wonder About Sundays

When as a child I would favor Sundays

Dressing up we would join our neighbors

I could wear skinny ties, look certain ways

Then feel the smiles, in the shaded ambers.


In speaking a loud, I was often heard

Felt a little wonderful to know my name

Kept inside a sacred chalice so absurd

Yet, every week I would surely play the game.


I wonder sometimes today about the peace of mind

So often spoken of, in God’s way they would say,

Even after weeks of sin, they’d let me remind

Myself, only me, I could walk with honesty today.


Oh to be the recipient of some sweet quiet release,

If on this another Sunday I may still find some peace.


My Moon is Wonder

I noticed as the sky erupted with sole beauty

mystique always at hand, nearby holding court

wide in stride we recognize our humanity

aims high, always illuminations to report.


I do recall as a child in my quiet obstinacy

often a long stare, in wonder of a still glance

until one day a friend mentioned inherent lunacy

saddling mind, compelled by retrospective chance


Would it happen if by the stroke of time infinite

might my world be stricken by such haunting fear.

A child intrigue turned suddenly by life’s merit

toward inhibition, beyond shedding a sweet tear.


Welcome me to a spectacular world where soon

we might all know we may thrive by the moon.

Whilst We Age


We did make sacrifice to hold on to

what we believe, in long winded trials.

yet when the music is our serenade

we listen with each note as like in love

our breath has gasp to recall our new

morning ahead, good nigh to our fails

we can believe there is new progress made

allure our gentle spirits, the wings of a dove

I go places I cannot even later recall

that ask of me for little need in return

yet I believe in my own sweet legacy

the arms of measured worth prevent my fall.

I will forever whisper quiet yearn

To know life’s work no longer travesty.


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I Will Believe (for the victims of Charleston AME)


When I stepped outside tonight I wondered only the same,

how will you be, she, they, what will we discuss,

I lived for sharing moments, finding God together,

we had our plan,

we were safe with one another,

my life is built around the honor of shared dialogue,

we all do believe in the same,

we wish for similar outcomes,

we share each other’s ideals if only for a couple of hours tonight,

in the safe confines of our local church,

we come together to greet the evening moon,

with scripture in Charleston.

Now I know we haven’t any control over our lives,

today I am testament of that horrific reality.

Tonight I died in the arms of God,

for whatever confusion remains beyond my dreams,

just know I am in a better place even if I didn’t choose this route.

We all pray for better lives,

that’s why,

that’s the reason I left my home tonight,

so I am on my way,


Once A Day

On a clear evening,

I did see you,

stellar and large in your elegance,

a natural form of my humility,

glancing my way,

holding court with the world beyond

my eyes.

Once when with pure energy,

your flash of brilliance,

spoke to the water,

trails illuminating a path toward eternity.

I will seek that trail surreal,

always curious,

forever wondering how life moves beyond,

the certainty of your grace,

energy on earth,

as we all are that needy,

in a constant state of usurping

the delight in knowing your soul

will always guide us,

whether sheltered or speaking

in a direct sunrise.

State of Mind in a Decade

That’s when you left for real this time,

let me explain, you’d never left before, always there,

always nearby, no matter the miles,

a phone call, a letter, nearly an email,

whatever the venue, I could always count on you.

I think our lives are peculiar in their manner,

making us believe

people will be with us forever.

You had me convinced, so did he of course,

and then gradually the two of you …

I do hope and wonder,

imagine and try to ponder alone

in my own quiet reality,

I wonder whether you might be togetehr,

how things look for you,

I am curious if life is the same, just a different universe,

a universal theme of spiritual reckoning.

I know today how powerful the mind is,

so capable, so self-assuring to leave the human body,

behind … a burial ground exists to carry

the weight of our mechanical frailty.

Yet, out there, I heard a story the other day,

that when he was getting ready,

an old friend of week’s earlier,


said hello, and hoped he might hurry along.

I think that is rather fascinating here,

watching leaves on a tree blowing in the wind,

the nature of our lives sedentary,

while we allow our physicality –

a gradual decay.

Yet, here we are realizing the mind,

that precursor to the soul,

magical in its own anomaly,

plods on in steady march,

leaving us all wondering what next

chemical reaction,

will help guide our next steps.


I am delighted to speak with you again, it has been so long,

I miss you mom, I know today you see everything is real.

God’s Trappings

Take a stroll through my catholicism,

while my indoctrination of current thinking

results from the influences around me,

you, that person the other day, touched my soul,

without ever acknowledging you knew me.

I was there alone, in my everyday form:

citizenry, politely aloof, misdirected guidance,

wondering just how the day might evolve.

Along the way there are always many of you,

faces in the distant gathering of wavering souls,

all seeking, all rejoicing, all crying,

depends upon the day, the mood, the strike of the hour,

when we all might wonder this way,

are we ever going to truly understand why,

or is that it,

there it is again, that reality, that storm of

a reckoning response to years of confusion.

Are we all meant to simply stop asking?

Is that the faith thing she mentioned to me,

when in a failing moment, her last breath

soothed my fears, allowed me to feel again.

Imagine Elsewhere

While the sun rises in the East

her thoughts are not upon you

even though we believe at times,

our lives connect out of the blue.


We always must allow our world

capable of knowing only a local

reality that otherwise so often twirled

in circumstance, becomes our focal


point of reference. There is that knowledge

of human interaction we all rely upon,

that piece that keeps us well off the ledge

of cashing in our hopes and moving on.


Imagine elsewhere there might be a point

in the morning, afternoon, setting sun,

a life that now we will certainly anoint

their soul in the eyes of God. We’ve begun


to live our life as the sole proprietor

of our allegiance to our security

while across the land another commoner

might wish the same from us in sanity.


We live together, and often dream the same

romantic bliss, horrific tragedy, anomaly

of that world we often miss, we cannot name

just share the moment today with homily.


In the eyes of the heavens I do seek quiet release

much like my brethren we are all in search of peace.