Who Do We Serve?

I open my curtains and the light shatters the room with brilliance,

such is the life of a teacher on opening day of the school year.

Fresh minds invade the quiet peace of a marble castle

only to gradually tear down the mortar slivered throughout walls

of academic prowess. These are our children, these are their needs,

and we are licensed to bring them to the next level.

I haven’t cashed out yet, so allow me a story please.

I like to be loved, liked, thought of as a good person,

I usually count on that to battle the voices in my head.

While the days go by I will encounter eager minds,

the students that will live our lives over again tomorrow.

I wish their happiness,

i wish their dreams to explode with much success,

I need to certainly understand my life as I stand here

is designed for them if that is the legacy I choose.

So feel the brilliant rays take over the room,

here we are together on a journey for the year.

Let’s realize goodness together, and let’s hope my hope

is the offer of support, guidance and exemplar notes ahead.

Step Forward, Further

We do cue our steps,

to land a certain cadence

we learn to recognize,

our lives are truly designed.

Yet so often we are not sure,

having met that goal,

we seek the next,

push ourselves further,

feel my heartbeat,

racing with anticipation.

We would rather settle

today’s needs tomorrow,

we’ll sleep now,

having a plan in mind.

We continue to figure out a way

to step forward despite



A couple of years ago

they took a knife to me

yes it was pretty brutal

all of which I couldn’t see

thank God for modern


I was in surgery

to fix a leaking pipe

seemed pretty cut and dry

no pun because I bled  I cry

Yet here is my quandary

I wonder about the heart

how often we feel

drawn to the ache

the notion

of having our heart

split apart

by such tasking

human behavior

I’m not talking about just love

and romance

and mushy events

I’m referring to life

and feeling connected

just like the day

they surgically

realigned my parts.

We do need that affirmation

that resonance

of feeling we are a part

of something

and not apart.

Today I look at a beautiful sun

and on my couch while the birds

do feed nearby

giving battle to a

mangy and clever little squirrel

I wonder about the heart,

and I question

‘whether tis nobler’

to recognize that in the heart

there is also a necessary need

for that constant flow

to never be hindered

by obstacles

much like our lives

cannot ever afford

to allow negativity

that human hindrance

to step in the way

of our lofty goals.