Face Reminders

Through the glass she smiled straight ahead

with pensive eyes inside a sun streaked pane

that face is familiar

a typical roadway stop

if when we glance

can we define lives

within our reach

yet safe and detached.

I remember the time

traveling with even pace,

I came upon her eyes

a few lights at a time,

she never glanced at him,

always looking ahead.

I wondered if just once,

might she turn my way,

would her contemplation

become one of joy.

the lights turned green again,

soon he drove her away

the next few highways

left me wondering about her,

could she be happy,

glancing straight ahead.

I wonder what her life might be

while we see our lives

together in the waves

while we face reminders.

Our lives in a glance

Subjective Glance – A Sonnet

One moment smiling and the next staring

Interactions in a public setting

That quiet notice, affect disappears

While worlds revolve alone surely glaring

Upon each other, likened blood-letting.

Vulnerable, practices masking fears,

Each time we step outside our remedy

There waits another, sordid malady.

If ever we might laugh a genuine

Note of honesty certain, seems serene.

Delightful realities, open minds

Live freedoms without the constant rewind,

The subjective nature holds a release,

Leveled obstacles scrutinize our peace.