When Your Hand I Held

We picked the music, walked together

while everyone smiled, glassy eyed,

to each of us we had chosen a path,

our favorites were the melodies we knew

to be such delightful reminders

of just that happiness we had chosen.

When your hand I held, and walked

the aisle while the violin played behind,

well it was then I knew I was innocent

of all the growth that lay ahead in our lives.

I do  listen to that music nearly every night,

only to recall the reason it holds the key

to whom we are today, to a sweet blend

a harmony to rest upon your true soul,

to allow me to understand the peace you give

my every day, my every heartfelt waking day

Talk About A Day …

… and let you change the world.


Frame an opportunity …

… and may a resource new be held.

Give a smile to someone …

… and watch their tarnished hour turn silver

Imagine where you are today …

… and allow your humanity its day.

Strive upon the next challenge …

… and realize tomorrow’s fortunes are at hand.

Quiet, in the storm of reason …

… and there lies a reality of gifts in plan.

Know that today is …

… love.

I Travel These Roads (with apologies to Robert Frost)

Awaken upon cool summer morning

relax in tune in the sweet breeze delight.

Today’s grace gives solace to evening,

hours later our lives become the night.

Yet right now listen, the sun stream amber

We wish wildly worlds will welcome ahead

the nurture of Nature in Her lovely candor.

Pure soul belittles the needs of our head,

sky streaking surreal moments we crave

while battle begins to forge walls behind.

Breathless our weightless lives suspend a wave.

Man, tireless drawn toward slow human bind.

Stretch out your limbs in the hot heat of day

Soon tomorrow recall what is today