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The Sitting Hours

I always looked forward to the late hours,

the night flying by with dialogue and absurdities,

everything we could say we believed, and more importantly,

we loved,

We did delight in knowing we could look in each other’s eyes,

well into the twilight,

all of us, whoever might have chosen the time,

or simply allowed ourselves to be drawn in,

that was the key,

we knew always we wanted to be there.


These are the holidays we would request

each other’s company,

my sister, brothers, and mom,

our sister’s, children and the occasion of relatives …

so current on everything we knew.

to be important in everyone’s lives.

With dad in the background, an occasional chuckle,

he’d pass out the a beverage with endearing blue eyes,

we all heard his screams inside,

the delight of our lives, he is a beautiful man.


We were, are, can be the beautiful people,

the family that smiles, tells jokes, lives lives with uncanny candor.

These are the nights when time would value,

only the shared nostalgia of wanting the laughs

in the history of our lives.

These are the holidays when love does always,

compete well with the nature of our own,

sweet recall, when the essence of everything we believed,

in the realm of the human condition,

could suddenly find the energy

to contribute the next line,

so the stories never found a way to end …

Image Conscious

Walk into a room of strangers

turn, look at each other

what happened to confidence


how is she so happy


where did he go so quickly


ice-breakers force you to talk

to each other

to them

remember what you said about


yesterday when they were away

and now today

we are standing next to each other


realizing that every one of us has an agenda

some show it openly

others wait

a look

a smile

a direct glare

many eyes

many faces

all together now

what happens tomorrow

when this conversation has ended?

how will we know what to say

when we gather again?

Next time.

I Went Back to See


I knew you would all be there, in your tears and grief

Always the stories of returns

The stirring emotion of separation

Visual moments of shared tears

I was at peace watching all of you this afternoon


I remember when I was with you

I wondered what it was like with Grandpa

Lying there stoic and in his natural peace

If he could see our weeping, broken hearts

Or witness the celebration of life he created


Today though that serenity is real

I want you to know I’m ok

Humbled by the gathering of so many good people

Taking time out to say goodbye

My surreal reality lying in state


There is a plan ahead that even I could not imagine

Around that corner just up ahead, I can just make out …