A Gambler’s Run

i would like

if you left me alone,


your mask of appreciation,

the one that hollers

from a window out loud

my success is yours,

I can prove it to you.


I would like

the soap box advertisements

of our easy lives,

to show the broken,

to emphasize the hopeless,

the ruins, disillusioned, detached

suicidal human beings

your protestations

leave behind the ticker tape.


I see it everywhere in our world,

the chance,

the moment winners look for,

the changing lanes that create a risk,

far less than the bullshit

you throw at our minds.


Leave the luxury in the window,

with an honest disclaimer,

‘don’t trust us please’

but keep serving the soft drinks,

letting us smoke,

just make the suggestion,

the mob in your pocket,

or admit out loud it’s us,


dangle your chains around.



Tonight the pain becomes a central idea,

a notion, a recall, a, sort of, panacea.

Tonight turns life happy toward celebration,

the opportunity to herald a healthy decision.

What happened then could occur tomorrow,

might even be a possibility without my halo,

for the reality of our lives is a fragile pedestal

we could so easily roll backward and fall.

Tonight, ten years ago, I was on a roller coaster

of confusion and self-pity, yet steadfast the driver.

Tonight, begins, yet again, a simpler chapter,

with fresh drawn binding, and quality paper.

Without hope’s love, I could forever lose my release,

in that lair of addiction, from where I’ve found peace.

A Gambler

I wanted to win that Cadillac

they talked about it on the news

in all the radio ads

I wanted to be the happy couple

they looked so cool.

I loved the stories

opening his garage door

at night

after everyone else went to bed

he was by himself

he just wanted to look at the car

his dream come true

in his garage

safely tucked away off the platform

where they already put a new one

at that casino

the one down the road

from everyone …

you know the place right?

it is in your neighborhood.

They play bingo there

and something called

penny slots

Great place to hang out with friends

helluva buffet at night too.

Oh, wait, that night time part,

forgot to talk about that.

When everyone we know goes home,

I found my way back,

really don’t remember where that Cadillac is

that’s not where my machine is,

damn machine,

now that I found it again

I think it might just win my car.