Gravity Is Patient


A Whisper in the Forest


Temperance River – Minnesota


When I whisper

a cool draft escapes

shadowed in morning sunlight

I can see you


all the different angles

of creation amidst the tragedy of

a waiting table of spring


We still find a way

to continue our travel with a blinding speed,

yet some,


awaits a temperate shift

in an earthly climate,

warmth releases them back into the wilderness

a mountain stream.

I wonder if the gasp

my visible contribution

today’s learned lesson of

helpless abandon.

I wonder how often it is we


the gravity of our purpose.


*personal photograph

Sitting on Ice

You know the feeling

Too cold to relax

Too easy to react

A sort of waiting for the moment

In hopes that no one can lament

Upon the urgency of leaving


The ice

Frozen in time

Sculptures of a paradigm

Simple words that when conveyed

May suddenly be easily splayed

Like dice


Hitting the wall

Every toss is a gamble

And we want to ramble

On down the line of life

Without any more strife

Throw me the ball


Still I remain

Wondering about the next hour

How far might I this time flounder

Trying desperately to only enjoy

A quiet reality of blessed joy

Yet I maintain


We are a common lot of human being

Gathered en masse awaiting our King