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Just Outside

Grey skies

steady mist

yet, you all remain.

What is your shelter

when song is left at bay?

When I walk in rain,

I am afraid;

the feeling of water leaves me


wanting to seek cover.

Yet here you remain.

One might suggest


the size of your brain.

-but I wander-

In that travel

is it possible, you have

so much more to gain?

When standing in the rain,

your soul is so defined,

whose ‘diadem’ today will reign?


People tend to run when noticed by others

They’d rather cry alone

People tend to run

Instead of recognizing sad truths

People wish to be removed

From serious interactions on a rainy day

Beside a cloudy morning

When eyes just begin to waken

Sunlight’s heat draws energy

Delightful to our skin

Refreshing and thriving

Well before a thought ever enters our mind.


People tend to run when noticed by strangers

Hearts exposed their lives become

A deep expression

Of love’s forgotten memory

When we allow humanity to fester

In the common hallows of Society

Homeless and hungry

Playing tricks on the avenue

Fighting for game in the streets

Burglarizing our freedom for a fix

Yet each morning in the summer air

The sunlight beckons our physicality

Despite the sweat soaked garments that become home

Daily in our walks

Searching for food

Seeking a life

Away from the pain


People tend to run when noticed by Society.

Free, Right?


We all do want the same things.

We just go about travels differently.

In an auto, train or passage way

whatever the mode of operandi,

we are really all the same

in our efforts to find definition.

There are the people we seem to judge

with interior pillars of marble in their homes.

Hard to climb over such monstrous facades

we choose to simply walk away,

wishing we might sometime find a key

inside their hearts. Or is it surely a travesty

to imagine,

to hope,

to pray,

to one day, some day, any day now

figure out a way?


We all do want the same things.

Imagine a world where resentments

in the term itself, with all of its bitter construct,

hate and anger and spoil and envy,

become obsolete in their ability

to linger

in our hearts,

that one place where the ache remains.

At the end of the day

when figuring how long we might run this course



beaten upon by our own fists,

might we then find that eventual passion,

the shattered Albatross

of self-evident triumph!


We all do want the same things.

At the end of the day

no matter the sway

of our thinking, of our Nature,

of our committed course challenged,

there lies in our own lies,

the reality of desire and hope and dreams.

For no matter the brick and mortar,

who cares the fabrics and linens,

ignore the perfumes and makeup,

for they all give sadly new credence

to our ever present reality.

We are a simple lot

to recognize our vehicle we traverse

is in our heart and soul,

well rooted rather

than focused upon the eye’s desire.

Only a Fleeting Moment

So close

I could feel the moment

Just reach and respond

And in fell swoop

Our lives are forever changed

No possibility to return

Because absolute is defined

The reality of this moment

Sends shivers

Through my mind

We can justify

Human nature

Only when reality

Allows a return

To normalcy

But tonight that logic

Took a back seat

To impulse

And there it remained

Simply a notion


Only a fleeting moment

What is this Freedom we speak of Today?

When I look at my life

I do know a certain peace

In my every day

My waking moments

When my world evolves around me

I know I live in freedom


When I can reach out

And hold her in my arms

Feel her sweet breath alight

The hairs on the back of my neck

I touch a release

Sensing love is that true freedom


In the evening quiet, tonight

I look up into the sky

And see the moon shine

Across the horizon

I may realize there is truth

Beyond the scope of my world


I never crawled the damp grass

Carrying machinery on my back

Or felt the pain of watching

Soft tears as they took their last breath

With pleading eyes

That asked if he did the right thing


There is a moment of awe

When colorful lights explode

Above our heads while lawn chairs

Blankets and glow sticks abound

We’re allowed to imagine beauty

Knowing full well we have freedom


“And the rockets red glare, the bombs

Bursting in air, gave proof through the night

That our flag was still there”

We give pause to the spirits

That pass before us who sacrificed

Their red blood that we might know freedom

Wound Tight

If a walk would allow the mind to breathe

Freely without any apparent tension

Then we might find ourselves in constant

Stroll believing with every step that our

Mounting despair will be easily reconciled

While a visual painting evolves before our eyes


When physically we stretch our bodies to lengths

Whilst follow natural release of endorphins there

Might occur a moment whereby a conscious

Choice to allow positive energy to surround

Our present lives intertwines itself with a state

Of being created only to remind us to be human


The sunlight streams across a northern sky to embody

Morning, when leaves and flowers that lie nearby

Begin to show a life so simple and serene each listen

While Nature reconciles last evening’s tears so

Moisture glistens; such beauty to the eyes can only

Shower the mind with thoughtful release of noise


Quiet chatter begins the nonsense of the mind’s havoc

Held strong by worry giving notice to eloquent chaos

I Stopped to Breathe

Such exhilarating presence,

Seeing the mile marker

And realizing I had made the run

With everyone that joined me

A beautiful moment

And then I looked


To see my arm laying before me

In disbelief

I reached a pinnacle moment

And discovered that my life

Laid helpless on the ground

In a sudden flash



And the chaos ensued

As like a timeless ocean

Of practical emotion

I glanced upon

My detached left arm


As disconnected as my body felt

Running in a zone

In this second I was now

Parted from my own world

My eyes watered as the pain

Moved quickly to shock


I am supposed to be drinking water

Or a protein shake

I ran a marathon this morning

And like hundreds of others

I anticipated this moment

Of silent realization, of recognition


I didn’t ask for this

I wanted to collapse with fatigue

And not with the reality

Of having my body torn

Apart by a C4 explosive

I want to cry


I want to believe that the world

As I might recall my childhood

Exists in my waking day

As much as it may today

Staring in disbelief

My arm has begun to hurt.


I want my — freedom

Nostalgic Recall

Once a friend

Reminded me of time

When sitting alone

I realized

That way I’d remain

And yet glancing into the

Night sky

I imagined freedom

That knowing resistance

Doesn’t allow the blue

Feeling of abandonment

In quiet

Interference to remain

A single cloud shadows the moon.


In that moment

The world continues


The cycle

Circle of hope

All of our deepest fears

Will return with the next wave


And we cry with soft remorse

Not knowing the reality

Just understanding confusion

As a substitute for


We are delightful creatures.

Our notions

Our paths

Our ideals


As we experience a turmoil

Seeming despair

Outside of His hands

(We think too much)

We are compelled by

A knowing state of mind

“Been here before”

I shout out with a driven angst.

Cry for me

I delight in the pain

And it is mine

Cause by cause

I shall flounder

And the mind shifts

Sudden urgency

Piques our spiritual caravan

Again riding the crest.

Our new notion to survive

At its birthing.

“This really is me!”

Shout it again

And again and

-A ghastly reality-

It’s only Tuesday

And this mindset

Is sustaining mileage

Washing away hope

And settling in, in, in-


A moment arrives to reconcile.

If I walk in fresh sand

I create a motion

That pours upon its self,

Allowing a remarkable

Change in the atmosphere.

Glancing back

I might suggest

I’ve noticed such imprints

And now memory remains.

A quiet resonant laughter

Emanates from my lips to reconcile

That eager bit of anticipation

In a moment memory of silent wrath

Walks me undeterred along a new path