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A Little Billie Holiday for Him

by Klassy_Lei

I thought I might listen to a little Billie tonight,

his memory is fresh in my mind.

I ‘d like to think he did a little swing in time,

her words, her melody, a smile.

This is a good man we honor today in dreams

a mover with a heart of humble pie.

if Billy might have heard his words imagine,

the groove she’d create in a cadence

that spoke to his hope for a society in change

they could waltz together in a walk,

a stroll that became his march on Washington,

with her crooning voice led the way.

It is difficult to imagine how one life could change

the masses, cause a people to respond

a certain elegance from her, singing the blues,

a reality of time needing change for him.

We celebrate the man that spoke of a freedom,

I somehow have to think when a child,

listening to Billie Holiday speak to the times,

he began to certainly understand peace.


*photo found on cuthroathippiegang

Learning to Hate

I don’t know where it started,

one day as a child,

I think perhaps when they stole my bicycle,

I hated that it wasn’t locked up,

I hated not having any control,

I hated the embarrassment of being vulnerable.

I was only a child then,

I believed in the impossible,

I knew that anything could happen and I would always be safe.

…  I became a father …

I remember the first time she cried, and told me the reason,

I wanted only to protect her,

she only had certain words she could express,

“I hate it there” she said,

“I hate everything about it” she cried,

“I hate having to go there” she wailed even louder,

I knew that she didn’t mean it,

this was just the easiest word to use at the moment,

we later laughed when the years went by,

we reflected upon what is important today, what became

a priority that when we were children seemed like endless pain.

There appeared to be a constant though,

when our lives paralleled childhood,

we both experienced a part of life we didn’t understand.

We made adjustments over time,

we learned to tolerate, to accept, to better engage in reasoning,

we realized that hate was a far more powerful term than we might imagine

We decided to become conscious of how we chose our words,


with sensitivity,

we began to think before we spoke,

we thought everyone would do that same thing,


We then discovered the evening news …

My World A Ruthless Shame

I grew up with certain freedoms,

Though I was never really told,

I only understood a world of fiefdoms

From books I read. I wasn’t bold.


My dreams were made with managed

Challenge, the bounty being compassion

Beyond a society of greed is the adage

Spoke a loud in a personal fashion.


The limits began when in later life

What we discovered together in name

Became the seedling of confusion’s strife

The sort leaves my eyes seeing shame.


We are a world driven by our insanity

If we believe this our lovely reality.

Falter Freely

Would that I might understand the freedom of error

that part of my life I seem to want to always forget

I will indicate no survival from this constant terror,

the holding of my human condition might I beget.


When just yesterday I smiled and laughed out loud,

tonight again will this tunnel vision soon assail

any thoughtful remedy, perhaps a linen shroud

with a transparency to allow humanity’s love to sail


along uncharted waters, those land masses we shy

from when confronted with the reality of our game.

Is it that simple to imagine just one reason why

our lives held in a chasm of indifference seem tame.


I was crossing the road to find my new composure,

having discovered the ill effects of raw exposure.

Freedom Being Today


When I awoke to the sounds of thunder,

I was a babe in arms, swaddled under

the care of loving parents, family,

those that would help determine life to me.

Then four when freedom died in disarray,

did shred lives leaving tears for JFK.

To me that day, Vietnam was way far out,

why it was, what these Beatles shout about;

posters, ‘End the War,’ scream patriotic

declare love, celebrate … vitriolic.

We aged into teens, lost a few more names

In the veil of Freedom, such shallow games.

Listen careful, idyllic words so vast,

MLK’s  ‘Thank God, I am free at last’

Time Inside Freedom

Sitting along a riverbed,

a line reaching into the quiet wake,

disappearing into another world,

one I haven’t command over, just hope.

the soil is rich against me,

only the soft tread of my sole leaves an imprint,

later when I depart, the rain washes away nature’s memory …

time touches the other world perhaps,

bringing some one or two toward

a universe their day had not planned.

How did the day’s moments transpire

to this bliss along the river wild,

a man in the quaint world of a trout stream,

all the angst and pride of society left behind.


If I remain motionless for a length of shadowy breeze

nature will continue a blossom toward a spring day.

One has to wonder how exceptional our lives can be,

rather than believe what just happened was wasted …




We do wish for that freedom to delve beyond our norm,

all relative reactions to needs become central as told

by that person who noticed we’d lost our way,

we’d gathered dust along the way, trying again

to rediscover some new reality to ease the pain.


Theirs is truly a freedom when lost without time,

all indications of certainty are left outside to dine

with the societal constraints of expectation.

There is that, piece of response to the outcome,




Speak well to the world outside your comfort zone,

and then perhaps, at that moment, might we fly free.

When Last We Spoke

The same words exchanged,

the promises,

the absolutes,

the possibles

the acrimonious,

the …

we smiled and stepped away,

and then it occurred,

that pit in the stomach sort of thing,

that piece of my psyche

suggests did I, or could she, or might he,

really follow through on, what

I said too much.

Or did I – perhaps he did,

she, he, they, her, why

is it we cannot simply go forward with our own thinking,

rather than rely upon other reactions,

other points of clarity,

other responsible reactions to normal life.

Abnormal realities help define our direction,

perhaps, as ugly as that seems,

we all need to take a break from the,

the, the, the, looking, the, looking, the,

searching again, I’m finding I have no way,

to retract what I might have said,

what perception I provided you,

how I fueled the dialogue.

I might have, really, well yes I did …

Deep Inside a Fathom Awaits

How often to choose, to travel inside,

When do the yearnings suggest we comply

There always awaits that worry to slide

Where in moment this world becomes why.


Last night, the winds that toss us aside

So present whistled across the night sky,

A pause of freedom in season with pride

Created sweet reflection in sole eye


Bursts of memory took a solemn ride

While clouds of despair presented the nigh

We cast our shadows without wishful tide

Might sweep love’s desire aside like a lie


Please, provide an island’s quiet release

That hidden fear’s torment evolve my peace.

Listen to the World

They are out there you know,

people with real lives,

ones that matter

Tonight’s news after the snow

while detailing drives

windswept clatter

A story ran about a father

shot in the face

by his younger

son in the garage where bother

Seldom sheds such grace

on a quiet neighbor.

We listened while our country

endured a foreign speaker

watched our statesmen

toss salt and vinegar heartily

on our president our leader

we really call them men?

Tonight there will be lovely starving

children playing their last play

until their bodies close down

a shroud will cover them not knowing

their innocence was in no way

responsible for our frown.

When I was just a little boy I couldn’t

know beyond my magical world

lives mattered far beyond

my own

On This Spectacular Morning

Tradition throughout today celebrate,

Loud afternoon BBQ festivals

Drinks that inspire Uncle Fred to gyrate

With dance moves, laughs, silly evening revels.


Across the universe true pains exist

We will not see them in our fireworks.

Celebrate the dawn’s light, we will persist,

Freedom’s our benefit; the neighbor twerks.


In our world’s solace the children’s voice

Cries out with glee playing free in the sun-

Light of a blue sky’s terrific invoice

Sweet smiles and innocence in season.


While the rockets sound off in the night haze

Iconic, accents, spectacular – gaze.