Our Charges Return

Streaming in waves, in smiles and raves,

the children are arriving this morning,

we will welcome all of you with open arms,

readied our rooms, and ironed our ties,

the days ahead are only meant for you.

innocent eyes, and worrisome nights,

children of our halls, determined and right.


I stepped into the constant motion

noticed them all with emotion,

I realized how much I’d missed every face,

how excited I was by the new,

I understood that this special place,

held a bargain for me to offer solace,

to those that came through the halls today.


We begin the task, forever in progress,

the idea of moving our pages along,

the free-spirit nature of every child,

is our responsibility to maintain, to ideal.

Walk inside the classroom, tap a pencil

look around the space to see a set of eyes,

then know that each set is willing the same.


To a teacher on the first day of school, hello,

to a student in return, welcome to your life.

Step Forward, Further

We do cue our steps,

to land a certain cadence

we learn to recognize,

our lives are truly designed.

Yet so often we are not sure,

having met that goal,

we seek the next,

push ourselves further,

feel my heartbeat,

racing with anticipation.

We would rather settle

today’s needs tomorrow,

we’ll sleep now,

having a plan in mind.

We continue to figure out a way

to step forward despite