We All Know People


We walk and talk and laugh and cry

we very seldom wonder why.

The world is a constant challenge

to know what latest foil we avenge.

She is a woman of substance, a smile

so indicative of freedom in erstwhile

company that does suggest harmony

meant to soften the grit of calamity.


She does laugh and parade a humor

contagious to the souls in her armor.

While the world continues mechanic

hers is a pause to manage this panic.

She that brings life to an aspect of love

is far and away too soon to travel above.

We are compelled by passionate drive

to seek solace inside the love we strive.


Hers is a sudden discovery of mortality

yet always will she battle senseless reality.

The oddity of this cancerous phenomena

strikes at the heart of those we love in a

ruthless manner with little decisive manner.

Loved ones struck down or asked to gather

strength inside the quandary of humanity …

we do find ourselves now begging sanity


For it is a battle silent, in the shadow’s release

Oh to know salvation brings wonder in peace.

Up to the Fight


I’d like to meet the challenge

you present whenever the feeling is right.

Vague, gradual release of energy,

enough catches anyone off guard,

slowly seeping inside a comfort zone,

slithering past any roadblocks,

and the wall has been made,

well constructed, high to the eye,

that eye, no one else needs to see,

as long as only your vision is held.


If only for a moment I might reach

the other side before you sustain

the room, that place where all other

notions, ideas, desires seem to disappear.

They are always behind your mortar,

we know that, yet somehow every time,

we let it happen, rather sit and watch

it be constructed, than, battle foundation.


The distant future, that piece that even you

in all of your fiery venom – those days ahead,

cannot be touched by anyone especially you.

Yet, we all know you’d like us to believe,

you have a handle on that aspect of our lives

as well, slow seething, before any of us know.

We all fall into your trappings anytime, anywhere.


Not tonight,

I will fight, I will not allow your takeover,

I will dance the music that settles my anxiety.

We will recognize the nirvana awaits us

on the other side.