Watch Me Unravel

I stand before you with all the humanity I can possibly muster,

yet, I will be sure to cover it up with some facade of well being.


I realize we must bring to our students the best of our wares,

and while doing so, I will need to be a guiding mentor indeed.


There’s a certain beauty in being a planned member of society,

rather than simply living by the seat of my pants.


A classroom of empty desks, all readying themselves for new souls,

those that will embrace the passion being garnered by a mentor.


I stand before you my colleagues and express my genuine concern,

please help me find my stability, the energy that helps this room to move.


A day of staff development that all of us with little question agreed,

could better be spent doing shots at a local brewery nearby, (oops)


Ah, but alas, that is the part we always suggest at the start of the year,

will be put aside to endear and engage the souls of our assigned siege.


I am easily delighted by a smile, a joke, or an off-handed remark,

that allows me to be less human just for only a short time more.


Before the legions arise over the horizon in numbers of greatest need,

stomping through the wheat fields whose harvest has passed me by.


Strap up, grab a writing utensil, notice the purpose of my white boards,

with a delightful smile, open the door while we let our humanity join hands.

A Look, A Comment, A True Thought

When that moment of certain fear arrives,

In my head a turbulent storm gyrates.


Little beyond feeling, perhaps notions

that creep inside the mind ever ruthless.


Self doubt with little afterthought beckons

a spirited reaction, though docile


in its manner, subtle in quiet spite.

Conscious and confused, separate outcomes


seem to alter the confident repose

of yesterday’s pleasures; sweet elegance.


Dashed by a look, a comment, a true thought

aimed desire to know to define passion


We all seek solace from our certain fears

that dress themselves neatly in the shadows.


Yet, why now?

Why this time?

How is life


when confusion

lies in wait?


A look,

a comment,

a true thought …


How do anxieties become defined,

while internal pleasures speak only pain?


When did you walk inside this room of mine

that your response might merit my own life?


I will wait while heavy clouds dissipate

the lightning strikes my soft heart may create.

Dancing with my Skeletons

It was just the other day
In a cold December way.
We were dancing on the avenue
When I noticed I might review.

Shadows always would loom
Darkening the dim lit room,
Where I might seek refuge
Allowing the onslaught; a deluge

Of memory driven desires tapped
Sealed, locked away and trapped
Within a moment of ecstasy
Wild winds willing the crazy,

Recalling nights when quiet whispers
Became definitive eyes in the rafters.