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Deeply Driven

The mind uses

Clever considerations

Every breath

Feels its wrath

A memory

A notion

An alarming reminder:

Crossing the street

I noticed

Walking alongside friends

Double back


My mind responds

New anxiety


Highway moment

Thoughts again

Realized a situation


Want to scream

I can

I’m in a car

Travel at speeds

Not as fast as my mind

Shocking truth

Simple reality

That life contains no

Mystery mystique memory

Only opportunity.

When I sit to question

What works why when

Rather than that this then

Indifferent to the sky

Same circle of loss

Tired and broken decided fatigue,

Whisper new horizons exist;

A dove sings only momentarily

To make allowances for change

For in the mind reactions may

Remind ourselves we will respond

A new day, a new synapse; endorphin heaven


I don’t like you

You scare me

When you look happy

I feel threatened

I don’t care about you

Just give me attention

When I hate you

People think I am happy

You understand right?

When I slap you it matters

You’re my investment

I have to hurt you …

So I, uh, well I’m not ready

I won’t apologize

For living this way

Not caring about you

I mean

I don’t know how to

Any more

Than you know how to

Prevent me from

Treating you like a




Dis me

And I will slap you …

People watching

Need to know

I won’t back down

Until you are crying

Until you recognize

The lies that you believe

Are simply the


The why

The lie is why

I want to feel strong

People like me

People choose me

I’m a safe bet

I’m an American boy

Work Habits

I’m inside a forest

Been here before

Yet this isn’t serene

With peeks of sunlight

Through maples and pine

This one

Dark and scary contains the evils

My childhood remembers

You know

Quiet nights in my room

Hearing footsteps

Along the hallway

Not knowing

Or wondering

If they existed

Or was my heart pounding

With a certain fear

That memory

And tonight

Well that beat

That rhythmical pattern

Is present

As I imagine what lies ahead

What needs will arise

As I step gingerly through the brush

Not sure of my footing

And knowing that time before

Cannot be returned

And I adjust

Looking for a new path

Some guided tour perhaps

An acceptable journey

Without anxiety

No fear

Just quiet roads of thought

The forest is dark in a cavernous way

When logic has left an ocean surround.