General Fatigue

When we tire of simple things,

we become washed out by predictability,

in a given moment, we lose track,

hoping somehow to find our way back.


My eyes flutter in the open ramblings

of an afternoon coffeehouse; my ability

to navigate conversations is whack

of foggy notions, and energy I do lack.


If you could step inside my handlings

to understand the world has this fallibility

I am just one of the tiresome pack

of lies in a valley  beyond our follower …


There is nonsense in that reactive release

when all we desire is only a lonely peace.

Whisper Wild Words

When everything seems to wane

we tend to

circle our wagons

we tend to

issues that matter

we tend to

run with the masses

whenever it seems our lives matter.


What happens while we forget,

how many miles

of open ground do we cover

how many miles

of indecision do we wander

how many miles

of afterthought do we compile

whenever it seems our lives matter.


I lost a friend the other day,

she seemed to be tired,

of trying to meet the needs of a world,

she seemed to be tired

of all the bullshit that crossed her desk,

she seemed to be tired

of trying to meet the needs of the man

whenever it seems our lives matter,


Whenever it seems our lives matter

the world around us seems to bother.

Confusion in Normalcy

We do seek it, in our every day,

wake up, stare into the sunlight,

recognize a world begins today

what we do forever then might


hold a key to our solemn vow

to be true to our singular heart

without realizing we cannot allow

our lives to become torn apart.


For I do every now and again

decide to trust my instinct

and yet every time another when,

a moment riddled and succinct


greets me along the avenue,

I decide to steer rather close,

I like the edge of any venue

sets my life in motion. To lose


everything would be to suggest

all of our efforts are pointless

yet somehow we survive lest

we be called more human less.


I do feel exhaustion when spent

in this mechanical body I rent.

Fighting Fatigue

Depends upon the need

when we know we agree,

we are completely set free,

from that mental fatigue.


Certain day we want it

we choose to suggest it,

use it as an old habit,

our learned mental fatigue


Sitting in quiet repose

wondering of a suppose,

and then we are the foes,

of a newly felt fatigue.


Exhaustion from life

having issues rife

controversial strife

eats away with fatigue


Even the pages here,

somehow finding near,

the moment we hear

an acknowledged fatigue.


As my eyes roll to a close,

I’m aware just where I chose

the shedding of my clothes,

and recognize my fatigue.


It’s everywhere, I cannot decide,

just live my life in simple stride.


The end of the day

looking for comfort,

quiet retrospective

memory loss.


I stole a glance

upon future days

only to know again,

similar designs


If all my heart

desires, then when

the day arrives, it

causes scorn.


A sample visual

suggests a pattern

exists to bring me

full circle, again


Yet tonight I stand

alone, in wonder of all

those moments lost,

those moments found.


the quiet arrives unwitting

in some delicious

suggested balance

the terms are your own.


Stand slow sway

While a wind , well

It seems whistles past …

The mind is shut down


Winding through solemn realities

Rerouting these notions

Thoughts, racing ideas

I feel the heavy sallow

Of eyes weary yet awake

Staring off towards a mental wall

My body relents

Deny thee rest

Journey on

Plod on

Struggle upon defeat

There is a place I remember

Where sunshine melts my fears

Last worry



Recall the un-forgiven

Pattern or relent

Eyes awake

Staring ahead wondering

How did the hours fly by



Breathe a shallow



Eyes wide

Stoned by the brutal reality

Limbs numbed and alert

I wonder where the moon begins

To recognize our world exists

My virtue is, knowing my soul

Relishing the Spirit’s passion.