In A Word

This could just happen

if in one word

if we look each other in the eye,

if for the sake of another day,

if when we feel … no answer.


In this word

we seem bound by the


isolate in its own

montage of distraction.


We are seeking that word

fulfills our heart

lights our soul,

it is one word

repeats itself after all.


On the road will

speak of dreams and fantasy,

staying alert in the white lines

of the avenue.

See that?


I wonder if in one word we could

find kindness, appreciate silence,


© Thom Amundsen 10/2021

Standing Inside A Movie Theater

I kept waiting for the movie to begin,

watching all the many faces walk in,

a quiet couple with a few kids in tow

buckets of popcorn, couple sodas y’know.


We were all together intrigued by the feature

the latest hot reel to blow minds for sure

that sort of ‘let me out of here’ my reality

is way too compelling, now escape civility.


For a few minutes we all sat down, settled

making sure no one near our business mettled

we wanted only the silver screen to take us

far away from any thing important did we fuss.


Still standing inside, the movie ended long ago,

wondering just which part I might already know.



I listen to notes,

take me on a certain journey,

could be jazz,

perhaps the Moody Blues,

another day with B.B. King.

I like to imagine being in the sailboat that appears,

when in the throes of Enya’s words.

I wonder sometimes where to go,

then find a melody, a certain ambience,

to match the cadence of my mood today.

I find I am lost in curiosity,

when just the flutes appear to soften the blow

of my mind’s hard fought surrender to reality.

Inside the fantasy,

of certain rhythm, perhaps just a nostalgic memory,

I’m bound to finish the exercise of definition.

That moment,

that circle in time,

brings me back to where I had begun

another time before I recalled,

this place I am today.

With music,


I suspend my



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