Standing On The Edge

The job is done,

there is a light ahead,

a bit of peace,

planning for a soft landing

the harsh reality of this


our own examined purpose

seems less imperative


Watching the rains today

falling forever

a reminder of a constant

unlike the streaking sunlight

of a gorgeous spring day,

rains are fallible

they leave a mark,

a damp reminder

of what is what may be

what the afterward might see.


Could it be so simple

as watching a spring storm

cover the earth around us

allowing life to grow

when inside

the mind seems to seek

any obstacle to suggest

our lives that matter

are lives of little …

or is it part of some

chemical imbalance

like the heads say,

a reasoning that could be

a wild hair

rather than a logical

synapse that suggests

the true meaning of perfection


a quiet response

to the mystique we know to be

the human condition

Probably Ready

When I feel most afraid,

when I want to,

yet haven’t the opportunity,

when looking for my frame

of mind to settle rather than

refuse to allow me to rewind.

That is the key right,

the time

when everything seems to matter,

and until we can find the solution,

we are constantly drawn to the confusion.

Its then that we begin to recognize,

we begin to know,

our lives are determined

by our wrongs as much

as we may try to deny,

those are the contracts,

when met that help decide

how soon we might then,

be ready to acknowledge,

our lives are fallible,

then …

Door Knockers (A Rewrite)

I’m a non-white, illegal immigrant, African-American, Jewish Orthodox, Buddhist

(Door slams)

Indian, Slavic, Islamic, Mexican-American,

(Bolts clasped [from the inside])

Jehov … #nameyourprejudice

(Soft whispers trail off into the quiet afternoon) …


Behind closed doors

Our world is safe now

As long as what we fear

Stays outside in the general public’s eye


Isn’t that the truth?

Don’t we oft spout off?

Speaking the open minded need

We like to sell


Write books, essays, and lecture each fall

To our Nation’s teachers

– a pressing mandate –

… Need to recognize each individual’s contribution


Our society is built on a fundamental premise –

“One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”

Sophocles, Plato, James Baldwin, Wordsworth, oh yeah, Lennon

Shh … Jesus

… and those that remain

Angelou, Chomsky … #nameyouractivist


Seems all of our time is spent

Trying, asking, forgiving, emphasizing

When really we are as fallible as the next

Public scrutiny


What is my opening statement?