On Human Nature

Oh to be the seer of my proclamations

to understand

to realize

to show compassion before the ultimatum.

Oh to recognize my human fallacy

that which determines

so many outcomes

that later in reflection

become human nature’s


Oh to be hopeful and alive

and respond to each other’s passion

with desire and fruition

rather delightful optimism

in contrast

from the muddy skies we all seem to seek shelter.

Oh to be reasonable

offer a hand

maintain eye contact

for the smile you miss might motivate

even the slightest response

toward a positive outcome.

For are not our souls driven by the very instinct

of happiness that allows our personal freedoms.

Election Night Blues

new york times

new york times

I voted for the other guy,

because his wardrobe looked


She is so damn hot I couldn’t

imagine another candidate to


For that is what lies ahead

a tweak of a word with a


When a person decides

the wish to lead our country’s


Have you any idea the scrutiny

any single candidate is left to


In a few weeks, well they may

just back-pedal already not feeling


We are a nation of many

freedoms that you and I


So when then does it say

we should leave our lives to


I have tonight the election day blues

I know not how to escape the ruse.