Letting Go of Control

We do so often choose to realize

far too late,

the consequence of our dreams


While stroll sweet surreal in disguise

we often relate

yet fully unaware of our screams


Much later of course when commitment

has taken hold

we’re left to only wonder alone


Were it simpler to define our resentment

might then getting old

be less severe without needs atone.


The other day blocks of wood fell to earth

when some drove by

a few decidedly helped out the aged


We are never told to act as if simple girth

become the reason why

ignorance bemoans the world’s ragged


upon our soul as we strive to move forward

we wish for time to release attitude toward.

Sadness Play Reality

The ache is real,

unspeakable at times,

only once do I recall,

I felt ok and able to deal

with mild scrutiny.


I wonder who the speaker is

today, when in a fast few,

the imagination is able

to slowly sway

toward oblivion.


I began to know

one afternoon,

when suddenly my emotions

poured freely without instance,

into this pool of words.


Again, in this hour I have fear,

undefined with little access

to optimism or honorable


Only the reality of time.


Suppose we all experience

some loss when

in a slow vacuum

our lives become exposed

to sombre inefficient news.


I wish the roller-coaster,

ever so present in my mind,

the conveyer draws me forward

without any allowance.

I wonder if it would be true.


Is this situational, or ever present,

how many years later,

do I recall the same anxiety,

menacing and ever present,

always a … reminder.


When in the forefront of memory,

remains those mindful idyllic dreams.

God’s Trappings

Take a stroll through my catholicism,

while my indoctrination of current thinking

results from the influences around me,

you, that person the other day, touched my soul,

without ever acknowledging you knew me.

I was there alone, in my everyday form:

citizenry, politely aloof, misdirected guidance,

wondering just how the day might evolve.

Along the way there are always many of you,

faces in the distant gathering of wavering souls,

all seeking, all rejoicing, all crying,

depends upon the day, the mood, the strike of the hour,

when we all might wonder this way,

are we ever going to truly understand why,

or is that it,

there it is again, that reality, that storm of

a reckoning response to years of confusion.

Are we all meant to simply stop asking?

Is that the faith thing she mentioned to me,

when in a failing moment, her last breath

soothed my fears, allowed me to feel again.

Integrity Lies in Wait

While we all seem to ask,

when is timing correct,

when will the stars align,

how might I know then,

that this time is suggestive,

with careful reasoning.

Can a human being abscond

to the detriment of pity,

that source of relief,

when all is lost,

confusion, pride, society, blank stares, harm,

when then the others,

those eyes we fear,

suddenly do come into play,

basking in the ever present murk;

such ill repentance of common truths.

When it happens,

we walk alone,

in wonder of a different time.

Haven’t you always heard that claim,

that this is a lot like when I was a child,

and the world turned slowly without forgetting

to bring me along, please don’t,

please not now, I cannot pray enough

that you do not abandon me.

Not here, in this place,

this unfamiliar ground,

that reeks of disdain and ignorance.

I am one that sees the reality of our frail

mastery of the human condition.

We are a wreck in the calling,

when suddenly after the storm does cease,

I mean, really slow down and let our footing,


when all of that confusion is caught in some lonely breeze,

it is then at that time,

I can finally believe, I will stand forward,

find some grace in the reality of our

blind faith.

Step Inside My World

Watch me,

I am a hurricane in a calm sea

of humanity.

I will guide

everyone though with more passion

than you might feel

in any given day.

When the armies

of wannabe stars have sought shelter

I will be there

to clean up the mess

with a smile.

When the world

moves so quickly I have to redirect

I have to stop

I need to breathe

I can recognize

I am a human being that believes

in the goodness

of everyone around me.

My hope,

my desire,

lies only in the real truth,

and I will value

our world as one!

Inherent Love

Recently a suggestion was made

I suppose the human condition was at play

We explored a society

Our world as we live today.

With so much pain across the planet

It is sometimes a wonder if we truly

Love one another.

My world exists in a sea

With every wave I travel,

I experience a new

Shall we say, depth.

As my body drifts in the open water,

I suddenly am compelled to

Embrace the current

Sweeping my body further into an abyss

Or slapping me back to shore.

We have many read the story

An elder rather seasoned man

Fighting for his own life

Struggles against the current

The true Nature of the sea,

Only to return to land

Empty-handed but free.

Perhaps he knew then

while surveying skeletal remains,

Life was too short to not

Love one another.

As I fight my life and spirit

Inside the ocean waves,

I do know there will be

Some pleasant soul,

Perhaps not of our world,

Yet so ethereal,

A welcome surreal experience,

Who might be far ahead

While the human condition does battle

With our saving grace, that is, to

Love one another

We Are Teachers


We spend our days

Walking hallways

Saying hello

Being mellow,

In the eyes of our young minds,

In the hopes they might unwind

The tension that drives their soul

The gathering storm of the coming lull.


Yet they are not aware

While challenges that dare

Welcome their human nature

That demands they be mature

In their daily affairs as gathered steam

Becomes the smoking gun they esteem

Might help identify a quest of arrival

Fulfills a need allows them safe travel.


We spend an assigned hour

Classrooms that may devour

The very spirit of our youth

If we call them out as uncouth

In the eyes of their peers on a spring morning

-Not knowing home life bring some mourning-

In our zest to understand

We choose a safe reprimand.


Ask another individual if you will

That your attitude today is shrill.

Without knowing, without even a thought

We ignore the battle that has been fought

Hope evolves only upon a notion

That suggests some real emotion

We sometimes need to surely recognize

Our determined ignorance cannot be wise.


We spend our lives in circles quiet

Just out of earshot of truth albeit

Those serious moments we shudder

To imagine confronting one another

On the ills of our self directed

Desire now to have resurrected

A distant soft memory when we were wrong

Remember summer day’s brought love along


A child’s cry soon might then be heard

When fear would only bring a word

Harsh in juvenile shouts ugly and cold

Question my drills, he reacts, my so bold

I will gather with friends who know the pain

The real challenge of dealing with the inane

Nature of the lost child who knows desires

Learn,breathe, grasp hold of what life inspires.


For yes today we are teachers who sit amongst strangers

Wondering out loud with little regard toward selfish dangers!