Counting On Television

An episode of controversy,

a young woman,

lost child,

heartbreak exposed inside the elements of a


a drama that unfolds,

and the audience,

the me,

you, the neighbor, the office worker,

we all watched the same movie,

he characters we all connect with,

and we all cried,

only for the moment,

until the next commercial for

Axe deodorant

let us deaden our senses

only for a moment,

while the intro music

brought us back quickly

in our voyeuristic manner,

observing the pain of others

fictional characters

allow us to imagine

this isn’t real,

cannot happen in our world,

satisfied we watch the news

the parallels of which

we never really decide to connect

the denial that creates a divisive

separation from reality

to the quiet illusion of a

television episode.


Next series please,

still wanting to escape

my own quiet dismal episode.

The Hypocrisy of Faith

Steeped in idol trepidation,

an iconic stature,

a reasonably moral conclusion,


a stark reminder

is when we choose to know our side.


Which side, whose side,

why should we decide

what favor we rely upon to gather strength,

when choices made,

become the standard bearer,

the party favorite.


Words bandied about,

tribalism, loyalists, mongering,


A certain repudiation

turns into a bizarre creationist

fable toward standing on firm ground.


Yet the earth underneath my feet

feels unstable, feels temporary,

like a bandaid worn in critical battle,

we are the masses,

we do decide,

whether we choose to believe or we do not.


I am the one with faith,

the I have to readily acknowledge,

I haven’t a clue in what direction,

I choose,

will have any great matter,

when in faith I do choose to lose.

The Candidate

This is a demeanor moment,

off the camera,

a human being that eats turkey,

on camera,

the polish forgets the need for food.

in my apparent life,

what you see could possibly be me,


how impactful will the real side of me

be, can you see, do you know exactly why we

might imagine,

this to be the truth,

the whole nation will respond,

yet we can be so uncouth,

when the camera is running,

that is all you will ever get of me.

While society crumbles around all of us,

the media machine,

the decisive byte of news explosion,

always forgets to tell the truth,

instead we might rather hold on to the fiction,

in order to earn some merit,

while back inside the privacy of our dining room,

we will continue to eat,

eat away at the fabric

of our teflon society.

Elect me beyond the scope of sanity.

Beauty is Love

picture found on 'poem a day'

picture found on ‘poem a day’


We try to define our concept of beauty

in glamour and complement, rich in hue

yet wild while indecisive fear give plenty

to insecurity we are left feeling only the blue


We pattern our actions to design a facade

masks that some would protest to be real

when examined difficult arguments we’d laud

this is our truth yes, we have no shame to steal


Walk alongside one another on a sun streaked

morning to realize we all glance quite the same way

no matter our exterior coats we have so tweaked

all contain swift reality we all cherish with our day


stand close now to glance together the sky above

delight, cherish, explore sweet landscapes in love

What is Your Pain?

Everyone wonders aloud when alone

what flavor of fear will it be today?

How soon will the silent shadow I’ve known

come knocking, suggesting, try it my way.


How does your own street look this evening

a stroll of coifed gardens so delightful,

pleasing to the eye, soft, alive, soothing

while outside our neighbor screams a handful.


Rest your cold life over coffee and ice

Know well our time of reckoning random.

Laughter creating a wave might entice

sweet solace sewn in my marble kingdom


Yet, down the way, across the well paved street

A mighty storm builds, smile so sadly; greet.