I Wonder About Time

I mean in years your eyes haven’t changed

oh there’s the brow, the lines of endearment,

but the vision, the deep soul of passion,

that’s what I want to continue to see,

I could go forever without being near you,

yet suddenly in the dash of a moment,

your eyes,

their spiritual ambience, their need to remain real,

their pockets that hold your tears,

why I can’t imagine any reality of the human condition

to be more beautiful,

a quiet innocence that continues to grow

will always provide some vision of delight

when you smile.

County Fairs and Conversations

Everyone there,

all of the local talent

stepping toward, around, nearby

each other,

even her while he noticed,

and they wondered about him,

each one wanting to know the other,

yet all of them imagining each other,

all together,

standing on bales of hay,

with hellos, sharp tongue,

until later in the night,

began their quiet withdrawal.

Yet no one is walking away,

everyone remains,

just the state of mind,

that disposition that began the day,

earlier notions that created a shell,

slowly began to make its way,

to another region of the park,

as the rides began to slow,

the crowds would disperse,

and finally the lights

on the ring to heaven,

slowly blinked to midnight.

There was that withdrawal,

if we could have just capped

everyone’s state of mind,

just for that instance,

when everyone smiled,

if then,

what might

today be like,


Morning Glory

11 Mexican Wolf

The rains were cleansing anew forest green

Birds melodic feed on spring magic grain


We realize here today we are visitors

In world around their natural dense lairs


We might build and structure lives around them

We always know animals eye a gem


Stay far away amidst humanity

Instincts speak aloud, no frivolity.


We are but simple folk to imagine

We might belong as ours this land lived in


Sounds of forest scrapes in trail with bird calls

Above the range we hear nightly hoot owls


In nature’s world exists in every breath

A spoken rule to be on task or death


Might step in, a bird of prey, or snarl

Deep within the wood we hear the growl


I have human instinct to seek early shelter

Let the lands around me quiet enter


We will trust those colleague with minds nearby

While in the wood lessons, important simple cry

Vacant Stares

If we could, step inside the mind of each,

we would discover worlds of laughter above,

yearning, pressing, wishing we might teach

each of them the key to learning … love.

For when I step off my ladder,

explore the new ideal rather

than ignore the immediacy

of that ludicrous scrutiny,

I become sadly aware of a world beyond me.


If right now in the moment I were to suggest

that every notion in your mind be put to rest

could we all then just suddenly digest

a quiet reality, we’re simply true I’d … jest

For is that laughter

the key to our after,

when once a disaster,

today, we know hereafter

our world in our mind’s eye is easier recognized.


A classroom, a delivery of ideas, someone else wrote,

we are to discuss each variable, I ask them to make note

This is our life today in the moment, I monstrous do gloat,

my goal is to hold them accountable, not let them float.

A sea breeze allows the eyes to drift

soft in the morning sunshine I lift

my head, feel the breeze, gentle gift

that departure now sends me adrift.

Is there any value in knowing I might have just missed the point.


In the surreal nature masking that cathartic moment of energy,

may we all sometime feel our own novel cue toward synergy.

Where Now Is

Cross the street with marble concrete built to form

everyday without a thought this seems the norm.

Look about the avenue and see the eyes that meet

traffic likens by autos, bicycles, walkers compete


A child nearby cradled in the nurtured hands of mom

recalls how fast the cars go by, from whence they come

he hasn’t any clue yet now the world around so cool

this is where I belong mom, certainly not in school.


We wonder where our lives have gone, beyond main

broken concrete, along with littered streets remain

the eyes and postures look the same, yet today

we wonder always where now is might be the way


the little man is alone beyond his nurturer’s release

in last night’s memory, today, his walk shares peace.

How World’s Meet


One afternoon

The gentleman strolled

An overcoat stylish

Driving home her eyes


He smiled

She glanced away

Her partner takes note

We continued our way


Each room, every gathering

New sightings to suggest

Our moment would occur

If our eyes might soon meet


There is that feeling of our delicious desire

Compels our soul to allow a risqué glance


We would walk away

Later on the moment

Arose that our world’s

Might meet soon enough


The stroke of a pen

To respond to a note

You searched for me then

My how world’s meet again


We walked for miles

You asked me about pine

Smitten I complied

With a kiss and a good bye


For it was then that I realized your world

Might always give elegance a distant smile

Imagine a Moment

Always across the ‘room’

A new set of eyes

Coy glances

Smiles that seem to tease

My every desire

Seems so cliché

To imagine swooning

On a quiet afternoon

Where only coffee cups

And laptops

Create identities

With brief interludes

Leaving the regulars

Intrigued by the tight fabric

Of a summer afternoon

We will play the game

Of body language


Feeling my senses

Step outside of myself

Suddenly aroused

By the beauty of energy

Shared with glances and smiles

Wistful notions passing

The moments

Words that will suggest

Deeper tease of passion

I will watch a fingertip twirl a bang

While your eyes study the screen

My mind has enveloped your look

When a glance over the bar

Suggests I might smile

And negotiations have begun


Yet how to surpass oh the many eyes

Hold figurative walls upon desire’s lies