Tag: existence

When Time Seems Immediate

It is those hours as a child,

as a young romantic,

in the throes of a miscreant’s goal,

when time seems forever, to be still, to not move,

to shadow the moments ahead,

it is in those quiet seconds of reality,

we seem to venture forth to discover our resilient nature.

Is this a valuable tool in defining our

human condition,

or are we simply running our lives by

the second hand of our existence.

For it is a question of time.

Earth in Physical Motion

Imagine from a distance, a scene of motion

Constantly moving parts all drawn together

Each glance seems similar surrounding itself

Concrete and asphalt are crawled upon walls


Eyes never venture close enough to realize

The actual notions that will intermingle

With token reprisals of driven energy

All labeled some aspect of our humanity


Yet out here from some safe distance

Among the stars and distant galaxies

A certain peace exists with little scrutiny

Beyond a passing meteor; chunks of reality


If life were meant to be a painful reminder

What visual reason exists beyond our normal