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A Rising Fire

There’s a frightening reality exists around our lives

we’d like to believe it isn’t the panic our mind derives.


Yet, how else can we explain the mounting tension,

the averted eyes, the tarnished world we mention.


Would that it mattered our own lives hang in the balance

that we imagine we might never have to take a chance


at living on the edge, at realizing any moment we could

be sacrificed in the eyes of the majority that would.


If they might allow the world to crumble into mediocrity

than perhaps we ought to recognize some new civility.


I once believed that everyone could always get along

I didn’t know soon there’d be a man who didn’t belong.


A woman who might have tears at the loss of her own

ability to protect herself, after the stitches have been sewn.


I wonder about the man whose scrutiny became passe

until a friend or a colleague or a family – you know the way.


We are a populace of similar mind and quiet fortitude

so alike we would laugh if we ever embraced our attitude.


Take a minute to glance around you tonight, tomorrow, now,

see the world in a day as it stands nearby as societies allow.


We measure our lives too easily by the growing masses,

Little thought reminds us we are really quite the asses.

I Remember Why

I started writing again

to better understand

why words had such an impact

on the world around me.

I know I can put a phrase together

more easily than most,

but at the same time,

if I cannot win the battle with my internal demons,

what is really the point in putting words together

if their value

only remains a vulgar

attempt to have meaning?


See the world through crystal shutters

everything vague

perhaps indiscernable

only that rather opaque disjointed

ill-defined and unspoken truth.


‘Therein lies the rub’ the words of William …

Centuries ago, there were wise souls that spoke

of a universal language

moving storms and winning battles

through the sharp tongue of wit,

a banter that many a difficult outcome,

might easily have dispelled.


Yet, today, the fury rages,

we all seem caught inside the same,

rather delicious and provocative labyrinth.

At times when the right energy emanates

through walls of certain texture,

why then, how is it possible

everyone seems crystal clear.


Or might we be saying everyone,

is it ‘everyman’ keeps our tears alive?

I remember why, I just have difficulty

when I try to find the words.