Just Waking – A Sonnet

When the skies are meant to design my day

Reflect upon the chosen roads carve my way

While shadow the puddles from the rains

Remind ourselves as we joyful splash remains


Soothe the eyes inside restful morning’s light

Awaken the dreams, desires, places we might

Satisfy our needs as we discuss the hours beyond

Afford your agonies their place to be your bond


Body and spirit, we celebrate in new achievement

Pretty is the mind whose fleeting an ideal element

Become inspiration, a giving soul, no takeaway now

Pretend is a callous yet thoughtful singular vow


When skies in their solemn grey will quiet release

When wonders we alive choose carefully quiet peace.


*photo credit – ester rogers

Sweet Summer Rose

© Ester Rogers Photography

© Ester Rogers Photography

When now the time is upon our eyes,

the days of sweet summer beckon

a certain rose twirled inside blue skies,

I feel a wonderful breeze I’d reckon.


When children run the streets so free,

to live another day in happiness

we take for granted our lives might be

alive with very little duress.


With sultry waves of hot wind becomes a need

to shed a monstrous winter’s layers

where here the human body’s desires to heed

might offer true delight in visual favors.


While now each day we choose to meditate

on beaches, on ocean sand’s intense heat,

there is that undying love we do navigate,

that’s passion’s love, her romance we meet.


A simple time, nature’s reward of our lives,

glow sweet melody a stage to dream,

we swoon, dance, when moonlight arrives,

a romantic’s true form; perfect it may seem.


So today’s crimson rose in summer air sweet release

offer each, our lives, our soul’s spiritual peace.

Five Days, Five Photos – Day Two; On Diversity


© Ester Rogers photography

I have this notion, that if we could sometime just put all of our fears aside, and recognize one another for our beauty and grace, there wouldn’t be nearly as much anxiety in our lives. Perhaps I am speaking for myself, but I really do wonder. I know many years ago, a friend of mine told me that everyone walks around with relatively similar ideas rolling through their mind. He gave me that advice in a manner to suggest that instead of feeling alone all the time with our greatest worries, we might be better served to appreciate how many of us could share the same support with one another, and this positive energy could provide us a better life, sweeter outlook on our state of being.

I am using the picture above to recognize a photographer friend – Ester Rogers – who does wonderful work with her eye. Because I am writing about diversity with the inspiration of Dancing Echoes prompting, I thought this picture worthy of some words. You see, there is something quite beautiful about the weathered hands struggling to create the ‘love’ sign, the symbolic ‘I ‘heart’ you’ suggestion we so often put aside in our busy lives. I do genuinely love people, and wish only the best in their daily routines, even those I struggle to understand sometimes. This leads toward my theme of diversity.

I work in a diverse school district. I have opportunity everyday to experience many levels of cultural variety, that separate individuals while ironically bringing them together on a daily basis. I always look at our diversity as an opportunity. I walk around the school and see students with smiles and appreciations for each other and those are the moments I want to build upon. Those are the relationships that, given the strength to grow create a foundation for our district, our community to become something special – a place where everyone can realize their self-worth and carve out an identity buily upon positive tenets. I think that common denominator, no matter the deprecation, despite the stumbling blocks, however the obstacles, has to rely upon ‘love’ to be that basis for growth.

Tonight, I’m not writing a poem, this will be an essay as I conclude. In looking back at Ester’s picture though, I want to point out the harmony with the symbol of love, and the candle’s energy, the fire within. As long as we can keep that candle burning, and we can because we like to believe our heart and soul to be in the right place. As long as we can continue to recognize the powerful nature of that symbiotic nature of two dependent forces working towards a common goal, then I think we can look forward to beautiful lives ahead. I know that is idyllic.

Imagine a world without idealism. There wouldn’t be a tremendous need to hope and pray, for without the chance of magic and beauty and grace in our lives, we would be hard pressed to care about anything around us. But we do care, and it is our responsibility to continue to show compassion toward all things we find to be important in our lives. Tonight, namely showing acceptance and delight in the fortunes and gifts of everyone around us in our daily interactions. I think in order to be truly diverse, means our willingness to share those ideals rather than snuff them out in an idle and cold gasp of ego driven pride.

In respect to our nomination for the Five Days, Five Photos theme, I would like to now nominate another writing friend – Dana Renee – whose deep state of mind always intrigues … be well everyone!

Slipping Further

© Ester Rogers Photography

© Ester Rogers Photography

We know the mist

when in a morning of indecision,

glance further, hope for a sign,

yet we walk in wander seeing the same.

On an occasional daybreak,

we recognize fog,

a surreal enveloping storm of breeze,

teasing the ground,

to allow our mind to imagine,

a surreal perhaps spiritual mystique.

Speak of its beauty,

in delightful tones,

without any worry,

we watch the heat of morning

soon melt away its special fabric,

and go about our day.

Yet, deep inside the wandering,

when life has allowed us to travel,

beyond the normalcy of time,

into a reflection clouded by judgment,

its there we begin to feel

certain descents, perhaps ghouls

would inhabit our lonely minds.

There in the deep forest

where damp bark in wet soils,

we recall a need to hang on

perhaps use that alternate route,

we might see the distance,

without ever having to experience,

the certain beauty of losing one’s mind.

Sleep Little Children

© ester rogers

© ester rogers

We are a fancy lot,

our trends, our needs, our visual aids,

yet we need to sleep,

no matter the place or time …

When you glance think of your comforts,

imagine a day without your favorite linens,

such hardships, such unfair realities,

then recall,

imagine …

There are those we take for granted,

we will never see them ,

though some have, and allow us to seek


Recognize how your stature

measures against one who has none,

yet due to the human condition,

sleep must still happen,

and yes, under God’s eyes,

that is sleep from the weary day.

Our children, beautiful in every way.