I Teach While Learning

There is a humbling reality

while we try to understand

how our own brevity

can impact our command


Last night I dropped acid

on textbooks in minutia

my anger erupted an acrid

forced freedom in Ischia


We can so easily fall away

the choices will fuel martyrdom

I remember that one day,

I felt the earth in my kingdom.


but it slipped away as any

ego driven desire will go

I’d forgotten my way many

days before I’d begun to know.


Perhaps I’ll settle in the knowledge

We can bring them in off the ledge.

Fighting Fatigue

Depends upon the need

when we know we agree,

we are completely set free,

from that mental fatigue.


Certain day we want it

we choose to suggest it,

use it as an old habit,

our learned mental fatigue


Sitting in quiet repose

wondering of a suppose,

and then we are the foes,

of a newly felt fatigue.


Exhaustion from life

having issues rife

controversial strife

eats away with fatigue


Even the pages here,

somehow finding near,

the moment we hear

an acknowledged fatigue.


As my eyes roll to a close,

I’m aware just where I chose

the shedding of my clothes,

and recognize my fatigue.


It’s everywhere, I cannot decide,

just live my life in simple stride.

Realize When it Happens


We might want to live lives forever fond.

There are no worrisome days, only dawned


reminders of the times we had much fun.

Playing roles, acting strange only just begun


our waking hours, we slept without concern

of what the day would bring. Young hearts to yearn


for simple beauty’s lovely elegance,

to again be the one ticket to chance.


Now we wake into morning wild and worn,

wander slow for the many hearts then torn,


have their lives on their sleeves drawn and waiting

in spirit while we create. Deciding


how to live our lives today the challenge

carries weighty years of strife, like Stonehenge.


A monument of fortitude carries that mystery

much like our adventurous legacy.


We can only hope and pray certain solace

to realize when it happens to us!