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Life In Chance Encounter

In discovering one another, we all recall

the indecision, the wonder, the what if

this person has totally different views on

how to live my life, in response to

how I see their life evolving.


And then there is the church gathering,

where everyone does smile, does wear finery,

does hope to be noticed for their altruistic attitude.


Walking down a busy street, we pass by known entities

people who have crossed our paths,


we will never know who they are and why.

Instead, we’ll notice their eyes,

in some quiet familiarity,

until the light changes,

and the darkness reappears.


I read about a friend today, speaking of another,

we probably know similar lifestyles,

outspoken attitudes,

private scenarios that describe a personality,

and then later he cried,

and his tears continued,

for no one else understood just how deep

was his compassion.

She left him without telling him why,

just how,

and we are decidedly the purveyors of



I crossed paths with someone today,

he knew me,

by sight, by locale, by industry,

yet we know each other,

not at all, though others,

know us both,

very well.

So today, I continued the facade,

that human interaction,

need to when eyes connect,

at least finish a complete sentence.


The next time we speak ill of our neighbor,

perhaps a second glance,

a chance encounter,

could mean a world of forgiveness,

beyond our second nature.

Sweet Aftershock


The blue sky remained outside

immediately afterward,

the crowded room changed faces

immediately afterward.

The reckoning, a personal march

of emotion, that enigma of the true human spirit

that weathers the test of chance remained

immediately afterward.

Without memory we cannot recall

the demon or sprite, faery or ogre,

attached to our limbs, our mind’s image

of a different time, a sweeter time,

an all too familiar reality

we sometime give greater credence

in the spirit of fantasy, a nostalgic trip,

than society might ever allow.

If then, when, while we recognize time,

we pass eyes with fond memory,

perhaps going forward,

our lives do rejoice in the spirit of …



*photo found on placemaking on WordPress